Saturday, December 28, 2019

Marinated Fig As Well As Arugula Salad Alongside Blueish Cheese & Walnuts

I am soooooo excited close this salad.  I absolutely love, love, love fresh figs.  Adore them.  I mean, majorly huge crush. 

And allow me only tell you, I was fortunate plenty to cease upward alongside a whole slew of fresh figs to stimulate got abode alongside me this weekend.  Yup, for the 4th calendar week inwards a row I was on the route ... this calendar week Mark too I were 'home' visiting our families.

At home, at that spot are fig bushes.

And the season's 2nd crop of figs had only started ripening on ane of those fig bushes.

So correct earlier nosotros got inwards the auto to come upward dorsum home, nosotros were given the go-ahead to build clean out all the ripe figs to come upward on abode alongside us.  Score for me! 

Tugging on branches too reaching every bit far every bit nosotros maybe could, nosotros ended upward alongside a large ol' platter full.  Aren't they gorgeous?

But earlier nosotros larn to this absolutely amazingly delicious fig salad, let's dorsum upward too verbalize a fleck close fresh figs.

Prior to coming together my husband, the exclusively matter I knew close figs was the within of a Newton.  Had never had a fresh fig.  Had never seen a fig growing.  Clueless.

Then I started going to my mother-in-law's farm.  And I met fresh figs.  Oh, how wonderful a hateful solar daytime that was!  Mark couldn't believe I'd never seen fresh figs.  Man alive, I had been missing out.

Now whenever we're 'home' during fig season, I walk correct out to the figs too swallow them forthwith off the bush.  So juicy, yummy, too sweet!  Here's ane of my mother-in-law's fig bushes ...

... too infant unripe figs growing nestled inwards the branches.

When they plough kinda purple-ish brown-ish ... it's time!  Time to bask their squishy deliciousness.

We attempt out the ones alongside cracks inwards the pare ... similar this ane ...

... they're the sweetest!  It's truly surprising I had a 'cracked' ane similar this to stimulate got a film of ... they don't commonly larn inwards into the house, gobbled upward every bit presently every bit they're picked from the branch.

Now, to brand this marinated fig salad ...

... stimulate got only about gorgeous fresh figs, cutting them inwards half, too marinate them inwards a mixture of balsamic vinegar, honey, too olive oil.

(Oh, too only hold off at the beautiful within of a fig!  Did you lot know the within is truly the flowers? Yup, a fig is truly an inside-out flower. Cool. Weird - but cool.)

Arrange the marinated figs on a bed of arugula, overstep them alongside a smidge of blueish cheese too only about walnuts, too you lot stimulate got a fabulous seasonal process to behold.  So incredibly good.

I shout out upward I've got only plenty figs left to brand this salad ane to a greater extent than fourth dimension ... if all the figs don't only larn popped inwards our mouths, that is.  Hmmm, I'd state they've got close a 50/50 risk of making it to a salad plate.

Marinated Fig too Arugula Salad alongside Blue Cheese & Walnuts
Source:  Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Tracey original, marinade adapted from Southern Living Magazine
(Printable recipe)
For 2 servings:
10 fresh figs, halved
1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil
4 T. balsamic vinegar
1 T. honey
1/2 tsp. Dijon mustard
Tiny pinch of salt
About 2 c. arugula
About 1 T. blueish cheese crumbles, or more/less to taste
About 2 T. coarsely chopped walnuts

1.  Combine olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, Dijon mustard, too tabular array salt inwards a bowl; whisk until good combined.  Add figs too stir gently to coat.

2.  Set aside too allow represent thirty to 45 minutes.

3.  Divide arugula too identify on 2 salad plates.  Place figs on overstep of arugula too drizzle alongside a pocket-size amount of the marinade.  Top alongside blueish cheese crumbles too walnuts.

NOTE:  The combination of the marinated figs too blueish cheese is absolutely fabulous, but live on aware that the blueish cheese tin easily stimulate got over the flavor of this salad.  I recommend using the blueish cheese sparingly, too adjusting the amount to suit your personal taste.