Wednesday, January 15, 2020

2015 Super Bowl Prediction Using Chicken Fly Bones

Once again, it’s fourth dimension I allow you lot cash inwards on my magical method for picking the Super Bowl winner, using the ancient fine art of chicken fly os reading. I can't tell you lot how I learned this, or why anyone would accept it seriously, simply I tin hand the axe tell you lot the bones are NEVER WRONG.

As you’ll see, the Seattle Seahawks volition crunch the New England Patriots. It's a guaranteed lock. Bet the farm, the house, together with the farmhouse. Many people are proverb that the Pats are going to lose because of bad karma, simply that can’t move the reason. Have you lot ever seen a Bill Belichick press conference? If that were true, they'd never win a game.

Anyway, skillful luck, together with I’ll apologize inwards advance for all those relatives bothering you lot for loans afterwards you lot collect your winnings. Good luck, together with every mo always, enjoy!