Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Abby – The Opportunity Continues

No cooking tonight!  I withal receive got leftovers so into the microwave they go.  As I mentioned inwards the post service yesterday, this pasta is every bit expert or better warmed upwards the adjacent day.  Yum!

I’m trying to hurry too flexure clothe too larn all the other chores done so I tin watch Ree Drummond The Pioneer Woman on the Food Network this evening at 9:00.  Ree is the queen of all bloggers.  I can’t hold off to run into her kitchen too withdraw heed her voice.  Be certain to cheque out Tasty Kitchen spell you’re visiting her site – I honor the best recipes and they receive got groovy photos. 

Since there’s no cooking going on tonight, I idea I’d accept this chance to introduce one of our furry, 4 legged children, Abby. 

“Abby, Abby, Abby” (as nosotros telephone weep upwards her – the shout out comes out similar a sigh, amongst a caput milk shiver from side to side, and a hint of weariness sometimes) is a rattling energetic, enthusiastic pup who is having her commencement birthday Monday.  She is super smart, soft too warm to slumber with, too she’s the form of missy that volition never allow yous larn lonely.  

Abby taking upwards the whole couch during a nap.

When exterior yous never forget she’s inwards the backyard, because her phonation carries over the entire neighborhood.  Abby is the BEST watchdog.  Nobody, non fifty-fifty my hubby or children, tin sneak inwards the line of piece of occupation solid without her announcing it for all to hear.

Baby Abby

Abby has a gift, or ameliorate yet, Abby likes to give gifts.  She oft hides / buries rawhide bones in the funniest places.  My hubby has flora them spell traveling inwards his suitcase, she hides them nether pillows, too even in my daughters purse!  The exclusively identify she doesn’t set bones is inwards the other dog’s beds.  I flora i inwards my bottom desk drawer.  She whines when she can’t honor anywhere to set one.  If yous concur your paw nether her mouth, she volition spit it out too picket where yous cover it.  If she doesn’t similar the novel location, she’ll line it out too accept matters into her ain paws.

Big os for a petty puppy


My sis inwards Tennessee has Abby’s older sis Pepper (same parents – dissimilar litter) too she also has Abby’s blood brother Sherman (same litter).  I’ve e'er loved Pepper too told my sis to allow me know if they ever breed again.  I wanted a wonderful Jack Russell too!  We waited over a twelvemonth for Abby too were so excited when she was born.  We drove to Tennessee (600 miles) too picked her upwards final January.  She has been attached to my side ever since.  She is so expressive too busy all the time.  Abby hasn’t been destructive, except to her stuffed animals, too she gives the other ii dogs too i truthful cat a run for their money, everyday. 

Big blood brother Sherman too Abby inwards Tennessee

We move to Chattanooga, Tennessee a lot too went in i lawsuit to a greater extent than inwards September for a identify unit of measurement babe shower. Abby travels actually good only gets a petty bored on these ix lx minutes trips.  I was driving (somewhere inwards southern Virginia), missy Allie was inwards the front, my boy Patrick was sitting behind me too his girl Callie adjacent to him.  Abby was playing amongst Patrick.  Abby loves reflections of light.  She volition chase a Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation pointer until she passes out.  Patrick flora his prison theater cellphone telephone worked near every bit good every bit a flashlight.  So they played, too played, too he laughed too laughed.  Both were entertained for a long time.

Patrick too Callie role their backpacks when traveling – no suitcases for these outdoor people!  Patrick had all his holding inwards the flooring where Abby was playing.  All of a abrupt I heard a rattling depression hissing audio too smelled something that tin exclusively go described every bit an intense amount of AQUA NET pilus spray going upwards my olfactory organ too inwards my mouth.  

Patrick too Callie having coffee.

I asked quite urgently “who sprayed something?” 

Patrick answered that nobody sprayed anything (with that musical note that actually agency Mom is going nuts again!)  

Allie joined inwards maxim “yuck – what is that smell?”

I was, at this point, holding my olfactory organ too oral fissure too said again, “Well mortal sprayed something!  What is it?”  (Sarcastic inflections added)

Patrick too then quietly said, “Uuuuuhhhh Mom, tin yous line over adjacent lead chances yous get?”

I instantly figured out that he flora the origin of the smell.

Apparently Abby stepped on Patrick’s backpack too dispensed his pepper mace into the machine – to a greater extent than oft than non into his backpack too nether my seat, which too then got sucked upwards into the air arrangement too blown dorsum out into my face.  At this quest all 4 windows too the sunroof were open.  The exclusively i non affected was Abby.  She was withal looking for the light.

It was a first, I receive got never been maced inwards my ain machine – or whatsoever other car for that matter!

We stopped at the residuum expanse too bagged upwards the holding straight affected too into the body they went.

Just approximately other adventure for the identify unit of measurement handbook on ‘what non to produce spell driving on the interstate going lxx MPH!’ 

Thanks for stopping by!  Tricia