Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Brownies Firemen

Better-than-crack brownies (I didn’t shout out ’em, I simply baked ’em!)

What tin y'all add together to brownies to ship them over-the-top?  Peanuts?  Check.  Reese’s Cups?  Check.  Milk chocolate chips, Rice Krispies and Peanut Butter?  Check, banking concern stand upward for … in addition to check.  Good golly.  These are really sweet.  They looked also interesting to overstep upward but I should accept known better!  This recipe peaked my involvement when I read it on How Sweet.  I held it inward reserve until the correct chance came along.  That chance was today!  For the total recipe click HERE.

For years my boy Patrick has asked me to ‘ride-along’ alongside him when he works as a volunteer firefighter. I intend the primary argue he wanted me to come upward is he knows I loathe to drive / ride fast.  They oftentimes drive fast inward emergency vehicles.  But this is a BIG emergency vehicle.   I sucked it upward in addition to hoped I didn’t accept an anxiety railroad train on in addition to asking permission to move expose on the side of the road.  I’m a large chicken, what tin I say you?  Today was the twenty-four hours I got my brave face on in addition to headed over to the burn downward station.  I baked brownies because everybody knows firemen volition throw downward to a greater extent than or less chow, in addition to I thought they’d move skillful guinea pigs for this detail recipe.  It also never hurts to come upward bearing gifts.

One of the firefighters on the crew today was Tom.  (Nice grin Tom!) 

Patrick looks in addition to hence happy dwiving his large get hitched alongside twuck 🙂

“Mom, this is serious.  Stop playing on the headset!” 

We got a telephone telephone (trouble breathing) and headed out to dorsum upward an ambulance. 

I sat inward the dorsum alongside all this stuff.  Don’t inquire me!  I accept no idea. 

It’s tardily to run into why men love emergency services.  They accept all the bully toys equipment.

This is my express thought (thank goodness) from the dorsum every bit nosotros rode along alongside lights in addition to sirens. Patrick actually likes that large air horn!  And although y'all may run into something dissimilar inward the movies, nosotros did not, in addition to they produce not, run ruddy lights or halt signs.  He did a bully undertaking (if y'all inquire me) of beingness careful non to run over anybody.

Once we arrived at the telephone telephone to dorsum upward the ambulance Patrick in addition to I waited at the firetruck. 

Smile for the photographic television receiver camera Patrick 🙂

Pretty ruddy truck.

Communication is a large role of what they do. 

They oftentimes verbalize alongside the 911 oculus to relay information in addition to ‘mark on the scene.’

Geez – I’m in addition to hence curt I tin hardly climb upward inward this thing.

And I’ll simply say y'all now, I accept no thought what all this is used for. 

I did figure out that these are the dissimilar nozzles they utilisation to struggle dissimilar burn downward situations.

Once dorsum at the burn downward hall, Patrick in addition to Tom hooked upward a hose to the hydrant to run H2O through the pumper truck.  This serves several purposes.  One, it cleans out whatever old H2O yet inward the truck, and 2nd it helps brand certain the equipment is inward skillful working order.

OK.  We accept several things going on here.  Patrick is hooking upward the hose to the hydrant in addition to the truck.  And beingness his mother, I constitute it necessary to inquire most the consequence of his pants, doing what pants produce these days.  “It looks similar you’re wearing 4 pairs of pants Patrick.”  “That’s because I am wearing 4 pairs of pants Mother.”  Oh, glad to clear that up.  Apparently he ever dresses inward layers when riding his motorbike in addition to it was really mutual frigidity this morning. Sounds reasonable to me.  But I actually don’t know if he telephone telephone line them all up.  Good affair you’re cute son!

Tom is turning on the water.

Check out the nozzle thingy on the top of the truck.  I intend that’s where the H2O volition move coming out.

Checking a few to a greater extent than things, turning on the controls, etc.

Oh at that spot she goes!  I wonder if they utilisation this on all fires.

Check it out – it’s remote command water.

You tin adapt the stream, or manifestly brand it rain.

And at that spot is a 3rd argue to produce this.  You tin launder the firetruck without a garden hose.

Yup, I don’t intend I trust him that much.  I’m staying behind him.  He is my boy later all.

A squeamish construct clean truck.

I’m glad they grade it ‘hose.’  What else would that affair be!

They got everything set away in addition to nosotros went on a non-emergency CO2 call. 

When nosotros pulled into the neighborhood for the CO2 call, I mentioned to Patrick that our quondam vecino Amy had moved inward here.  What a coincidence that it was Amy’s identify that had the CO2 alarm.  They were surprised to run into me in addition to I was surprised to run into them!  They know Patrick also since they used to alive across the street from us.  When Tom in addition to Bob were done checking out the alarm, nosotros visited alongside Amy in addition to the neighbors in addition to all the children.  I intend all little boys dearest burn downward trucks.

And girls too!  Amy’s twin girls are in addition to hence cute. 

What a grin – you’re going to accept your hands total alongside these pretty girls!  So sweetness in addition to growing similar weeds.

So this ended my starting fourth dimension twenty-four hours every bit a ride-along Mom.  Here’s my crew Patrick, Tom in addition to Bob.  Thanks for beingness volunteers in addition to cheers for letting me hang alongside the guys.

Here’s my favorite fireman inward the whole world!  Thanks Patrick – it was fun.  See y'all Thanksgiving.

Sorry for the delay inward getting this posted.  I wrote it Fri black in addition to thought it posted.  There was to a greater extent than or less course of report of fault in addition to hence I had to recreate the ship service today.  Next up, a pumpkin roll!  This should move fun.  Thanks for stopping by!  Tricia

Source: savingdessert.com