Saturday, January 18, 2020

Chicken Pesto Panini

Do you lot panini?  We didn’t until recently.   I got a peachy bargain on a Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Panini Pan too PressCalphalon Contemporary Nonstick Panini Pan too Press Chicken Pesto Panini.  With a Macy’s coupon, a credit from an before promotion, too the sale price, I paid $13.90 for this pan originally listed for $99.00!  We panini now!  The starting fourth dimension sandwich I made was from Cookin’ Canuck.  It’s a ham, cheddar too hot pepper jelly panini.  Oh. My. Gosh!  That pepper jelly sent the sandwich inwards a higher house too beyond yum.  I volition brand that i again.  Even if you lot don’t convey a panini pan, live certain to travail a toasted sandwich (made similar grilled cheese) alongside ham, cheddar too jelly.  Really, actually good.  I but dear creative people.  I would convey never idea nigh jelly on a panini.

So alongside that success on the starting fourth dimension panini, nosotros were educate to exercise it again.  Last September, I ended upwards alongside a huge amount of basil nevertheless growing inwards the garden.  Before the conditions turned likewise cold, I made several batches of pesto too froze it inwards plastic H2O ice cube trays.  Once they were frozen, I popped them into a Ziploc pocketbook too croak along them inwards the freezer educate to drop inwards a soup, spread on a sandwich or stir inwards hot pasta.  I didn’t add together Parmesan cheese because it doesn’t freeze equally good too therefore I but add together it fresh at the end.  Thus the inspiration for this sandwich.

Fresh Ciabatta breadstuff (yeah), sliced chicken drizzled alongside basting crude oil (olive crude oil alongside garlic too basil), pesto, arugula, spinach, cherry onion too white cheddar cheese.

This large loaf makes four sandwiches.

Slice the Ciabatta too cutting into serving size sandwiches.  Spread alongside pesto.

Top alongside but a trivial onion (sliced thin) too the white cheddar cheese on both sides.

Add the sliced chicken.

Looking good! 

And inwards the middle add together fresh arugula and/or spinach.

Smash it together.

Heat your skillet, panini pan or electrical panini press on medium to medium depression heat.  I similar to educate it a trivial slower too therefore the cheese volition melt.

Press downwards to boom the sandwich.

Once cooked plough it over too press again.

Slice too serve warm.

What a peachy Fri black dinner if you lot desire something warm, total of season too satisfying.  Also piece of cake to brand too piece of cake to build clean up. After a long calendar week at work, this is good.  Pop inwards the DVD too telephone band it a night!

I’m working on a chocolate (brownie / fudge) pie recipe for this weekend too therefore delight depository fiscal establishment agree dorsum on Mon for Pie No. 13! 

Thanks too therefore much for stopping by!