Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Chocolate-Dipped Peeps ... Because Peep Brownies Didn't Work

This weekend I started out making Peep Brownies.  I select a friend who absolutely loves Peeps, as well as her birthday was this weekend.  So when I flora a recipe for Peep-Stuffed Brownies, I knew I had to brand them for her.  But here's what I ended upward amongst instead:

Chocolate-Dipped Peeps
See, the brownies didn't become therefore good for me.  They sounded similar they'd survive good, but sometimes recipes simply don't plough out the agency you lot mean value they're going to.  Live as well as learn. 

For the brownies, you lot outset cutting around Peeps inward one-half ... the long agency ... correct betwixt their picayune eyes.  It made me a picayune distressing to cutting them betwixt their eyes!

Poor picayune Peeps
 Then you lot house the Peeps on transcend of brownie batter, ...

Peeps encounter brownie batter
 ... pour around to a greater extent than brownie batter over them, as well as bake them every bit directed for regular brownies.  Well, I did that.  And what I got was a bizarre looking crater-like brownie surface amongst burned spots where the Peeps used to be.  Okay - I may select been able to manage the look, but I couldn't manage the texture.  The melted Peeps made the brownies super chewy ... as well as non inward a practiced way.  So, chock this i upward every bit a failure.

A fight disturbing looking
The brilliant spot inward this kitchen lead a opportunity - I had i Peep left over, as well as decided to wipe brownie batter out of the bowl amongst it, as well as and then popular it inward my mouth.  Now that was tasty!

Peep dripping amongst brownie batter
 So, later the failed Peep Brownies, this brownie-batter-covered Peep became the inspiration for my adjacent Peep attempt.  Still determined to convey my friend a Peep creation for her birthday, I ran to the shop to alternative upward to a greater extent than Peeps as well as commenced to brand Chocolate-Dipped Peeps.  They worked!  Not solely did they work, they were actually yummy.

Dipping away!
 After dipping, I placed them on waxed newspaper to allow the chocolate laid up.  Popping them inward the fridge for a few minutes makes this procedure become fifty-fifty quicker.

Just chillin'
I'm happy to study that my friend loved her Peep treats!

Chocolate-Dipped Peeps
Peeps (I used xxx Peeps)
half dozen oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips
two T. shortening

Melt together chocolate chips as well as shortening.  I melted them inward the microwave inward 30-second intervals, stirring later each xxx seconds, until smooth.  Dip each Peep inward the chocolate mixture, gently shaking off excess.  Place on waxed newspaper as well as allow chocolate set.  Dipped Peeps may survive placed inward the fridge for a few minutes to assistance the chocolate laid to a greater extent than quickly.