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Chocolate Fight Cookie Dough Truffles (Or Pops!)

Like eating cookie dough meliorate than the actual baked cookies?  Then these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles are for you!

I'm distressing to nation that 1 of my instructor friends has decided to exit teaching. Well, I approximate I'm distressing in addition to glad at the same time. Sad for us (her team) in addition to for the students who volition miss out on her awesomeness, but glad for her because she's off to pursue her dream. I have got a whole lot of observe for people alongside the courage to exit the "known" to venture out into the unknown to brand 1 of their dreams happen. And that's what she's doing! She's starting upwardly her ain dwelling decorating business, in addition to I'm thrilled for her. I volition miss seeing her brilliant smiling confront every morning, though. And borrowing ... oh, let's only acknowledge what it really is ... stealing her wonderfully creative classroom ideas (though I do think I e'er asked for her permission first!). And her artistic flair. And her positive energy. Oh, I could become on in addition to on ...

So, what does this have got to exercise alongside Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles, you lot ask? Well, that's what I made for her going away party.

The concept for these stalk from the "sweet treats on a stick" in addition to cake balls tendency that's all the rage right now, spurred yesteryear the ever-popular Starting to Simmer , Gonna Want Seconds , Bella Baker - only to lift a few.  And did you lot know that Starbucks is straight off selling cake pops?  Yes - Starbucks.  Bakerella really started something!

The tendency has extended waaaaaayy beyond cake pops.  How nigh cheesecake pops from The Recipe Girl?.  "Crispy treats" pops from Baked Perfections's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pops that inspired these truffles.

Yes, I did indeed brand some of these really on a stick ... I'll exhibit you lot that afterward inward this postal service ... but opted for truffles for the party.  I catch truffles (or balls, every bit some would say) seemed a petty combat to a greater extent than adult party-ish.  And I think truffles sounds a petty combat to a greater extent than fashionable than balls.  So we're going to become alongside the lift Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles for these petty confections.

I volition nation right upwardly front end that making truffles (or pops) is a combat wearisome in addition to time-consuming.  The give-and-take I usually usage for things similar this is fussy.  Yes, these are indeed fussy.  And commonly I avoid anything also fussy.  But, every straight off in addition to then, I brand an exception.  I'm okay alongside fussy nigh three or four times a year.  Especially if it's for a friend.  So let's encounter how to brand these petty gems.

To larn these truffles started, mix upwardly some chocolate chip cookie dough.  Just exit out the eggs, 'cause you lot don't desire anyone getting salmonella poisoning, in addition to the baking soda, 'cause nosotros really don't aid if these rising or not.  We're going to consume the dough raw, you lot see!  I used the classic Nestle Toll House recipe for cookie dough, but any recipe volition for sure work.  Just exit out the eggs in addition to the leavener, in addition to add together inward a petty H2O to supervene upon the liquid the eggs would have got provided.

Then accept portions of your dough in addition to curlicue them into balls.  I usage a cookie scoop to larn my portions roughly the same size.  I think that's a 1 1/2 T. scoop, if I shout back correctly.

Next, usage a fork ... or a toothpick or your fingers ... to dip your dough balls inward melted chocolate coating.  I usage the fork method.  I really only drib the dough ball into the coating in addition to and then pluck the ball out alongside the fork ... apartment on the fork tines, non stabbing it alongside the tines.  (I had a pic of this procedure to exhibit you lot here, but for some argue it wouldn't upload to the site.  Bummer.)  Then identify the chocolate-coated balls on wax paper to allow the coating laid up.

Drizzle the tops randomly alongside some other color of candy coating to brand them hold back all fancy-like.  (This also hides some of the lumpy-bumpies inward the coated balls!)

You tin dismiss pop the tray inward the frig to assistance the chocolate set.  And in addition to then ...
... seize alongside teeth inward in addition to enjoy!  Mmmmmmmm ... I honey chocolate chip cookie dough!!  Especially when it's covered alongside chocolate.  Big happy smile.

So, what if you lot desire to brand pops instead of truffles?  It's the same basic process, except alongside a stick in addition to possibly some sprinkles.  I'm going to exhibit only the major steps inward the procedure here.  If you'd similar details, I highly propose checking out directions from the Queen of Cake Pops herself - click the link for Bakerella's detailed instructions , consummate alongside a video.

Here's my pop-making station, all ready to go.  The white rectangle to the left is a slice of styrofoam alongside holes poked it in.  This comes inward existent handy after dipping your pops, 'cause you lot can't really only laid the pops downward on wax newspaper similar you lot tin dismiss the truffles.  You'll encounter how this plant inward only a bit.

To assistance the pop stick rest inward place, dip it nigh a 1/4" deep inward your melted candy coating.  Immediately pop it into your dough ball, in addition to and then allow the coating ready for a bit.  This volition assistance the dough ball rest on the stick when you lot dunk it.

Then dunk the dough ball into the candy coating, stone it gently (but pretty quickly) dorsum in addition to forth to larn it all coated.  Don't stir it about - you'll larn agency to much coating on it, or, to a greater extent than likely, it volition autumn off the stick in addition to live stranded inward the chocolate pool.

While the coating is withal wet, sprinkle on some jimmies or sprinkles.  Or, you lot tin dismiss exit them apparently if you'd like.  Then, stick your pop into the handy-dandy styrofoam holder.

I drizzled a few, similar I did for the truffles, instead of using sprinkles.  Just to live different.

You tin dismiss serve them upwardly only every bit they are, or roll 'em upwardly inward petty plastic wrappers similar I did here:

I tied the v pops you lot encounter higher upwardly up alongside a fatty ribbon to brand a petty bouquet in addition to gave the bouquet to the immature adult woman of 1 of my friends.  H5N1 cookie dough pop bouquet, how sweet!  Pun intended ...

And at that topographic point you lot have got it.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pops for the sugariness immature adult woman of a friend, in addition to Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles for a brave, courageous friend starting a novel run a peril inward her life.  I want you lot good alongside your novel venture, G!  I'll live calling when I demand a substitute!!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles
Source:  Adapted from Baked Perfection
(Printable recipe)
  • 1 c. unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 3/4 c. granulated saccharide
  • 3/4 c. brown saccharide
  • 1/4 c. water
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 2 1/4 c. all-purpose flour
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1 (12 oz.) package mini chocolate chips
  • 1 (1 lb.) package candy melts (I used Make 'n Mold night chocolate flavored candy wafers, available at most arts and crafts stores)
  • 1 T. shortening
  1. FOR COOKIE DOUGH CENTERS: In a large bowl combine butter, sugar, chocolate-brown sugar, in addition to vanilla; trounce until creamy. Beat inward water. Combine flour in addition to salt. Add flour mixture to butter/sugar mixture; mix well. Stir inward chocolate chips.
  2. Shape cookie dough into roughly 1" balls, using nigh 1 T. dough per ball; laid aside on wax paper. Cover alongside plastic roll in addition to refrigerate for nigh 1 hour.
  3. TO MAKE TRUFFLES: In a minor deep bowl, melt candy melts in addition to shortening together inward the microwave per candy melt parcel directions (typically inward xxx bit intervals, stirring inward between). Use a fork to dip each cookie dough ball inward the candy coating, letting excess coating drip off dorsum into the bowl. Place on wax newspaper to dry.
  4. To decorate alongside drizzled candy coating, identify candy melts inward a zip-top sandwich pocketbook on a microwave prophylactic dish. Heat inward xx bit intervals until melted, kneading after each heating. Using scissors, snip a tiny hole inward 1 corner of the bag. The smaller your cut, the smaller the drizzle. Drizzle the melted candy coating dorsum in addition to forth over the truffles.
  5. Let stand upwardly until firm. Store truffles inward the fridge or freezer. Makes sixty truffles.

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