Thursday, January 23, 2020

Going Green!

I’m non certain how this happened merely I ended upwards making a totally light-green dinner. 
I took a hateful solar daytime off operate today thence I could pigment the dining room.  After a hateful solar daytime of painting, I stopped to brand dinner together with pulled out asparagus, an onion, about whole wheat pasta together with light-green beans that didn’t convey long to live. 

I sauted the onion inwards a petty olive oil, added the asparagus together with and thence threw inwards about frozen pesto.  I made the pesto this summertime when nosotros had a giant bush of basil.  I froze the pesto (without cheese) inwards an H2O ice cube tray together with thence transferred the cubes to a freezer bag.  Now I tin popular ane or 2 inwards a dish to liven it up.  So my dinner is light-green amongst light-green beans on the side.  To become far complete, I spooned it on my light-green plate together with enjoyed!  Not a bad dinner merely it did remove a petty colouring … other than green!

Oh well   back to operate tomorrow afterward a long vacation weekend.  Birthday cheesecake is on the cooking listing for this weekend!  Going to larn my PJ’s on spotter a petty Biggest Loser.  Have a neat evening!