Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Halloween Recap

I swore that I was going to live a grump in addition to non purchase whatever candy this year.  But i time once again my lovely immature lady Allie talked me into it.  “But Mom!  I bought the cutest lilliputian costume for Max.  He’s dressing upwards every bit a skeleton in addition to I’ll sit down on the forepart porch in addition to hand out the candy.”  OK dear, I’ll larn the candy.  And every bit you lot saw on a previous post, nosotros went pumpkin shopping too.  I am SO committed to celebrating Halloween this year!  Then, of course, Allie mentioned that “oh darn, I own got to travel Lord's Day black until almost 10 p.m.  Can you lot sit down on the porch, hand out the candy in addition to allow Max hang out alongside you, inwards his costume, and I bespeak you lot to stitch it and take it inwards a lilliputian on the sides?”  OK Allie – I would LOVE to  … grumble, grumble 🙂

Seriously, I ordinarily love to see the children, encounter the novel neighbors, in addition to wonder where they all come upwards from since nosotros larn hundreds of trick-or-treaters.  I pass at to the lowest degree $70 on candy – sheesh.  The existent argue I don’t desire to participate this twelvemonth is because of Abby. 

Who me?

Yes I’m talking almost you! 

Abby is i of those dogs.  She is an xi calendar month one-time Jack Russell in addition to is the sort that has a barking conniption tally when somebody comes to the door.  So I larn to sit down exterior to kicking the bucket on her from scaring the kids. 

What fun is Halloween if you lot don’t get to wrangle iii dogs in addition to a truthful cat from running exterior every fourth dimension somebody comes to the door?  The other matter … grumble, grumble, I own got to drool over all that candy in addition to assay non to consume it!  I didn’t purchase whatever chocolate this twelvemonth (other than Tootsie Rolls) in addition to thence hopefully I won’t live tempted.

But merely when I idea all was lost, my boy in addition to his girl came to the rescue!  They came over (with her Canis familiaris too) in addition to nosotros chunk’d the whole bunch exterior inwards the fenced backyard to kicking the bucket on each other entertained.  All except Max.  Max had to lay on his costume in addition to own got all the kids in addition to parents ooohhh in addition to aaahhh over him.  And (bonus) my boy in addition to his lovely girl sat exterior alongside Max in addition to the candy, in addition to gave away every bite!  Yeah Patrick in addition to Callie 🙂  It was mutual frigidness also … pitiable guy, Max looks in addition to thence mutual frigidness – oh no wait, Patrick looks in addition to thence mutual frigidness – sorry!

Well everybody survived in addition to Max was the striking of the night.  Glad merely about other nutrient vacation is past.  Thanks to everybody for making it fun.  I intend this moo-cow costume is in addition to thence cute! 

This is Max not inwards costume – he is pretty cute merely similar this.  And, he is a pretty adept granddog. 

Hope you lot had a Happy Halloween!

Thanks for stopping by!  Tricia