Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Mark's Hot Snot Brats

Mark is getting into this weblog a piffling bit, which actually surprises me ... inwards a proficient way.  His involvement is fueled inwards business office yesteryear the fact that the alone "recipe" of his posted to-date is the #1 top-viewed post service on the weblog ... yup, the "I Tried Gizzards" post, featuring Mark's cooking, is the most pop post.  So, Mark would similar to portion to a greater extent than or less other of his cooking adventures - "Hot Snot" Brats, a pressure-cooker recipe he created himself.  He defendant me (gently) of non wanting to produce this post service for fearfulness that he would thence receive got both the #1 as well as #2 most pop posts.  I am non afraid.  If that turns out to live on the case, I volition laissez passer him the kudos he deserves!

"Hot Snot" Brats
So, when he was all ready for his cooking, he called me into the kitchen to laissez passer him a "proper" photograph shoot.  He had all his ingredients lined upward on the counter (along amongst his pressure level cooker), but equally he's seen me produce before.  I asked if he'd but set everything in that place on the counter, or if he'd arranged them similar that for a photograph ... equally I was a flake surprised to come across everything lined upward similar that.  He had set the ingredients out for a photo!  He's thence cute!!  I couldn't aid but smile.

Pressure cooker & ingredients, ready for their photograph shoot!
Then he layered all his ingredients inwards his pressure level cooker ... outset sauerkraut, followed yesteryear onions, brats, as well as thence fresh jalapenos.  And, yes, I tell his pressure level cooker because it is absolutely his cooking utensil.  I am scared of it.
Ingredients layered inwards the pot
Then you lot drizzle inwards a proficient drizzling of olive crude (EVOO, equally Mark likes to say!).  Mark says this is a real of import step, equally it keeps things moist as well as aids inwards pot clean-up.
Olive crude drizzle - Mark says this is very important
Next, pour inwards 1/2 a beer ... inexpensive as well as domestic.  The cheaper the better, according to Mark.  While the brats are cooking, drinkable the other 1/2.  (We wouldn't desire it to larn to waste, now, would we??)
Adding the beer ... inexpensive & domestic
Once the pressure level cooker is heated upward plenty to pressurize (the piffling transcend knob is dancing), laid for viii minutes.  (If you lot don't receive got a pressure level cooker, I would intend you lot could simmer the ingredients inwards beer - it would just take longer.)  Then allow the pot cool down.  Once it's cooled a bit, opened upward her upward to come across your creation.  Mark wanted an activeness shot of the lid beingness removed amongst the steam releasing ... thence hither it is:
Action shot of the steam-release
Scoop a piffling flake of kraut, onion, as well as jalapeno onto your plate as well as lay your brats on top.  The jalapeno adds a actually proficient spicy boot to the kraut! ... thence spotter out, this has to a greater extent than or less seize amongst teeth also it.  That's where the "hot snot" inwards the recipe championship comes from.
I actually relish Mark's "Hot Snot" Brats, thence whenever he says he'd similar to brand some, I don't protest!  As much equally I dear to cook, I also real much relish a nighttime off inwards the kitchen ... particularly when I larn to spotter my sweet hubby cook!

"Hot Snot" Brats
Source:  Mark Original
(Printable recipe)