Thursday, January 23, 2020

My Favorite Children's Literature ... Food-Related, Of Course!

Now, why would I last writing a post service most children's literature on a cooking blog?  Because I realized on my drive to schoolhouse the other solar daytime (I'm a showtime degree teacher) that iii of my favorite children's books conduct keep to practise amongst food!  So every bit before long every bit I got to my classroom that morning, I grabbed these iii favorite books off my bookshelf thence I could conduct keep them home, snap precisely about pictures of them, as well as portion them amongst you.  If you lot conduct keep trivial ones inwards your life (or, if you're simply a lover of children's books), I highly recommend these stories.

First upwards is a really sweetness trivial majority brought to my attending past times my friend Andrea (she has a blog, likewise - you lot tin flame banking concern jibe it out past times clicking here.  Or, click here to read a post service she did most me - thanks, Andrea!). 

Cupcake ... How appropriate for me!!  See, I dearest to bake cupcakes, every bit you lot tin flame read inwards Andrea's post.  They're fun.  And they brand you lot experience less guilty most eating them than eating a big ol' spell of cake does ... fifty-fifty though, inwards reality, you lot in all likelihood cease upwards eating to a greater extent than because you lot unremarkably consume to a greater extent than than one.  Well, at to the lowest degree I cease upwards eating to a greater extent than than one.

The plainly vanilla cupcake inwards this story feels very, well, plain compared to her fancy brothers as well as sisters who conduct keep lots of decorations.  She feels fifty-fifty worse most her herself when she's left sitting all lone on the plate when all the others conduct keep been chosen already.  Poor plainly vanilla!  I would select you!  After trying to spruce herself upwards amongst lots of funny things, she ends upwards realizing she's exceptional precisely the means she is.  Ahhhh, how sweet!

I read this story amongst my showtime degree cast the calendar week nosotros were learning most chemical compound words ... since cupcake is a chemical compound discussion ... acquire it?  Cup + cake = cupcake!  Then nosotros decorated cupcakes as well as ate them.  Plain vanilla cupcakes, of course.  Though my kids could select chocolate OR vanilla frosting, or a trivial of each ... which they all idea was really cool.  First graders actually are thence slowly to please.

Next upwards is ane of my all-time favorite storybooks - Marsupial Sue Presents the Runaway Pancake past times John Lithgow.  Yes, the John Lithgow - the absolutely hysterically funny as well as slap-up actor.  The majority itself read past times anyone is funny enough.  But what makes it fifty-fifty funnier is that it comes amongst a CD of John Lithgow reading as well as singing the story - as well as he is hilarious!  I soooooo dearest this book.  It's precisely skillful ol' fun, as well as you lot can't help but express mirth as well as sing along amongst John every bit the pancake desperately tries to acquire away without existence eaten.

I play this majority for my cast in all likelihood most 3-4 times a year, they dearest it thence much.

Finally, I conduct keep an quondam classic - On Top of Spaghetti.  It goes correct along amongst that vocal nosotros all know ... sing along, you lot know you lot desire to! 

On reach of spaaaaagheeeeettiii, all covered amongst cheese - I lost my pathetic meattttttball when individual sneezed.  It rolled ooooofffff the table, as well as onto the floor.  And as well as then my pathetic meatttttball rolled out of the door...

The calendar week nosotros acquire the curt o sound, I read this majority as well as nosotros acquire the song.  The majority speedily becomes ane of the students' favorites during their independent reading fourth dimension - thence much thence that my showtime re-create is most falling apart subsequently solely iii years inwards the classroom!  I asked for a mo re-create this past times Christmas, as well as was really happy that Santa obliged.  Now I conduct keep an intact re-create to read aloud.  But, knowing me, I'll in all likelihood lay that ane out inwards the classroom library, too, adjacent twelvemonth as well as both copies volition cease upwards "loved" (that sounds thence much ameliorate than worn out!).  But, I gauge it's a small-scale cost to pay to last able to witness the beautiful joy of trivial ones enjoying a majority they love.