Wednesday, January 15, 2020

New Nutrient Finds - Chocolate Vincotto & Biscoff Spread

Sing it alongside me now!  "Heaven, ... I'm inwards sky ...".  I attended a demonstration-style cooking bird today in addition to was introduced to 2 new-to-me products, nearly which all I tin nation is:  Oh.  My.  Goodness.

I'm non quite certain what I'm going to exercise alongside them yet, but I'll experiment in addition to figure it out!

First production - Dolce Nero Chocolate Vincotto.  What's that, yous ask?  Well, allow me tell ya.  It's an aged kind-of-like-balsamic-vinegar concoction alongside chocolate.  Yes, I did indeed simply nation like-balsamic-vinegar with chocolate.  Who would bring thought??  And it's FABULOUS!!  Click here if you'd similar to read a piddling blurb nearly it.  At the cooking class, nosotros had it drizzled over vanilla H2O ice cream in addition to nectarines.  Divine.  So ... jurist what I had for dessert tonight?  Yep, those gorgeous peaches inwards the moving painting inwards a higher house - drizzled alongside my novel chocolate love.

Second production - Biscoff Spread.  Have yous had this??  It looks similar peanut butter, but allow me tell ya - it's sooooooo not.  It's a spread made out of Biscoff cookies, yous know those grown-up graham-cracker'ish tasting shortbread'ish cookies that were frequently served on long flights?  (And yous tin purchase them at the grocery store, of course.  But I was outset introduced to them on a flight.)  Well, evidently the Lotus companionship that makes those cookies came upward alongside the bright reckon of non bad them upward alongside simply about dark-brown saccharide in addition to other materials to brand a spreadable delite!  As yous tin run across inwards testing this out when I got dwelling ... yous know, simply to brand certain I didn't purchase a 'bad' jolt or anything ... I made a quick piddling s'more.  Mmmmmm.

Now I'm on the holler for of figuring out what delectable goodies tin live on made alongside these novel treats.  If you've used either of these before, delight piece of employment out a comment alongside your wonderful ideas!  Pretty please.  With saccharide on top.  Or perhaps I should nation alongside Dolce Nero Chocolate Vincotto and Biscoff Spread on top.