Monday, January 20, 2020

Ode To The Pie – Happy National Pie Day

Happy National Pie Day!  Don’t they exactly bring a exceptional solar daytime for everything?  But this i is pretty neat.  After a footling research, I establish the American Pie Council and was thrilled amongst the information they bring on their website, all virtually pies! 

The American Pie Council sponsors seminars, competitions, a listing of National Pie Day happenings together with a really interesting history all virtually the pie:

Learn About the History of Pies

  • Pie has been around since the ancient Egyptians. The rootage pies were made past times early on Romans who may bring learned virtually it through the Greeks. These pies were sometimes made inwards “reeds” which were used for the sole role of belongings the filling together with non for eating amongst the filling.

  • The Romans must bring spread the give-and-take virtually pies around Europe every bit the Oxford English linguistic communication Dictionary notes that the give-and-take pie was a pop give-and-take inwards the 14th century. The rootage pie recipe was published past times the Romans together with was for a rye-crusted caprine animal cheese together with dearest pie.

  • The early on pies were predominately meat pies. Pyes (pies) originally appeared inwards England every bit early on every bit the 12th century. The crust of the pie was referred to every bit “coffyn”. There was truly to a greater extent than crust than filling. Often these pies were made using fowl together with the legs were left to hang over the side of the dish together with used every bit handles. Fruit pies or tarts (pasties) were in all likelihood rootage made inwards the 1500s. English linguistic communication tradition credits making the rootage cherry pie to Queen Elizabeth I.

  • Pie came to America amongst the rootage English linguistic communication settlers. The early on colonists cooked their pies inwards long narrow pans calling them “coffins” similar the crust inwards England. As inwards the Roman times, the early on American pie crusts frequently were non eaten, but merely designed to concur the filling during baking. It was during the American Revolution that the term crust was used instead of coffyn.

  • Over the years, pie has evolved to overstep away what it is today “the most traditional American dessert”. Pie has overstep away then much a role of American civilization throughout the years, that nosotros forthwith usually exercise the term “as American every bit apple tree pie.”

Now nosotros know a skillful history virtually pies, together with nosotros know where to overstep away for a listing of pie happenings together with recipes. 

About the American Pie Council

The American Pie Council® (APC) is the solely arrangement committed to preserving America’s pie heritage together with promoting American’s love thing amongst pies. Designed to enhance awareness, enjoyment together with consumption of pies, the APC offers Amateur, Professional together with Commercial Memberships.

Who would bring idea anybody needed to encourage a love thing amongst pies – I’m all in!  In fact, I am cooking upward a novel pie for calendar week No.4.  Check dorsum tomorrow for this week’s recipe. 

Thanks then much for stopping by!  Tricia