Tuesday, January 21, 2020

On The Level Of Christmas Level …

It’s almost here!  I am absolutely certain Christmas was a lot slower getting hither than it is now.  I’m off run today finishing my really terminal cookie recipe.  These are for traveling husband, his favorite.  I volition post Russian Tea Cakes outset affair tomorrow!  Today nosotros are scrambling to larn it all done.  Husband ran out to produce to a greater extent than or less terminal infinitesimal shopping in addition to to post service our Christmas cards!  I am hence sorry, mailing Christmas cards on Dec 23rd is shameful.  But they are on the way.

I was upward early on in addition to didn’t realize that I missed breakfast until virtually 11:00 this morning.  Looking for something quick that would terminal a while, I reached for the Greek Yogurt.  Then I saw the pomegranate.   This is a wonderful breakfast in addition to pleases all the senses.

I honey the agency the sugariness juice squirts out when y'all seize alongside teeth into i of these trivial seeds.

This is a breakfast plumbing fixtures of the Christmas season. 

Then I remembered this wonderful, natural granola in addition to but knew it would last happy inwards my bowl alongside the pomegranate seeds in addition to Fage Greek Yogurt.

They became fast friends, in addition to and then they were gone.  Yum! 

Sweet, smooth, crunchy, and so filling.

We re-landscaped our front end yard terminal summertime and

planted this infant blueish spruce. I but knew it would create got to last decorated for Christmas!

These former fashioned larger lights remind me of my childhood. 

They’re however non certainly if we’re getting snowfall on Christmas, the 26th or the 27th or all of these dates, or none of these dates.  Hard to predict I guess.  I promise it snows a ton!  We’re going to accept a crusade this eve in addition to expect at decorated houses.  Maybe I tin larn my hubby to part his photos – he is such a proficient photographer.  Check dorsum for Russian Tea Cakes tomorrow.  Many approbation to y'all in addition to your family!

Thanks for stopping by.  Tricia

Source: savingdessert.com