Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Random Friday

As mentioned on Day 1 of my blogging adventure, dessert to me agency to a greater extent than than only eating something sweet.  It agency ALL the things inwards my life that convey me joy.  Being alongside family, doing projects alongside my hubby (we excel at working together), walking inwards the Battlefields on pretty days, saving fourth dimension for myself (oh yep … selfish is practiced from fourth dimension to time) walking the dogs, breathing deep, breathing about more, camping, hiking, kayaking, oh my gosh, I could instruct on in addition to on.  

But since it’s Fri in addition to I’m inwards a random mood, I made a listing of random materials J.  I’m all nigh the list!

1.     I don’t desire to laid upwardly anything novel today.  We select leftovers in addition to its Friday.  I desire to swallow out!

2.     I’m going shopping alongside my missy later work, because I dear her, because she is beautiful in addition to fun, in addition to because she is my BFF.

3.     I am inwards the mood to bake however.  I justice it’s the correct fourth dimension of twelvemonth for that.

4.     I’m going to brand “better than fissure brownies” this evening for my exceptional twenty-four hr current tomorrow (check dorsum for details!)

5.     Have you lot e'er constitute a twain of shoes you lot similar in addition to then much that you lot purchase them inwards brown, dark in addition to blue?

6.     Have you lot e'er dug out a twain of shoes from your cupboard flooring early i morn solely to realize when you lot got to operate that you lot are wearing i dark shoe in addition to i dark-brown shoe?  I have!

7.     Have you lot seen Toy Story three in addition to did you lot proper name at the end?  I loved that motion painting in addition to never desire to throw out about other quondam toy again.  Nor do I desire laissez passer the quondam stuffed animals to Abby because she pulls all the stuffing out, in addition to eats the eyes, in addition to nose. L

8.     I select to a greater extent than desserts that I desire to brand for Thanksgiving than I do side dishes.  I justice I’ll select to instruct that nether control.

9.     I read all the Twilight books inwards xi days.  I can’t await for the adjacent motion painting to come upwardly out on DVD – inwards only a few weeks!  I justice that makes me i of those people. 

10.  My son’s best friend is moving to Virginia inwards January.  I desire to adopt him, J in addition to feed him.

11.  I desire to quit my task in addition to last a professional person recipe tester!

12.  And final but non to the lowest degree … my big blood brother has elk inwards his backyard!

Coming upwardly this weekend:  Brownies, deviled eggs, in addition to a pumpkin roll

Coming upwardly inwards December:  Chocolate fudge, peanut butter fudge, toffee (oh yeah), Russian Tea Cakes, Candied Almonds, Bourbon Balls (these are delish in addition to best eaten for breakfast, at work), in addition to Peanut Butter Blossoms. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Tricia