Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Saving Room For Kayaking

Sometimes it’s OK to travel out of the identify together with out of the kitchen.  Actually it’s to a greater extent than than OK, it’s awesome!  An indoor daughter I’m not.  No princess here!  I create dear the outdoors, camping, hiking, backpacking, together with today was kayaking.  We endeavour to travel out at to the lowest degree a few hours every other weekend or so. 

So amongst the conditions forecast calling for ‘wonderful’ nosotros packed upwards the boats together with headed out to Ni River Reservoir for a morn of kayaking together with fishing.  Ni River together with Hunting Run Reservoirs are both inside a few minutes of our identify which is together with thence convenient.  For a measly $15 a year, nosotros are able to kayak together with fish on ii beautiful reservoirs from March until the concluding weekend earlier Thanksgiving. 

Kayaking is non a non bad workout for the legs, simply it does non bad things for the upper body.  More than that, it’s terrific for my soul! 

We arrived at Ni River together with checked inwards at the gate.  The signs receive got a lot of information virtually what non to create at the reservoir.  One of my favorites reads “No gasoline motors are allowed.”  No gas motors agency a overnice serenity experience.  Since it is a County owned facility at that spot is also no alcohol, no camping, together with the common closes at dusk each day.  It must endure protected because this is our drinking water.

Just nice, clean, serenity H2O – lovely!

My boat is all cook to larn amongst a big hat, a life jacket, a angling pole, a bottle of water, together with  a overnice Honey Crisp apple tree together with a Larabar for a morn snack.

We were on the H2O early on this morn and saw alone a few other boats.  I could sing Wide Open Spaces, past times the Dixie Chicks together with nobody would be close plenty to care.  Well possibly the fish would care, or the Canada geese or the large giant eagle nosotros saw every bit shortly every bit nosotros hitting the water.  Beautiful!

The conditions has turned mutual depression temperature together with inwards the concluding few weeks together with all the milfoil (underwater grass) has died away.  This has sent the fish into hiding together with thence unfortunately, nosotros had no hits at all.  It is pretty odd non to grab something, so we decided to run over to the other reservoir, Hunting Run, to meet if the angling was whatever better.  It’s a lovely trunk of water too together with was non crowded.

I looked for the fish together with fifty-fifty tried to sing them to me.  But nosotros ended upwards amongst no fishes at all, simply a lovely restful solar daytime enjoying each others company.

Well dorsum to travel tomorrow.  I necessitate to notice something to accept to a luncheon nosotros are having amongst the staff adjacent week.  I e'er accept deviled eggs together with everybody loves them.  But sometimes I think I should accept something more.  Do you lot receive got a non bad finger nutrient idea/recipe?  If together with thence delight experience complimentary to share.  Thanks for stopping by!  Tricia