Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Thanksgiving Hangover

I can’t believe the final five days.  I cooked, together with cooked, together with cooked some more.  Two days of cooking.  You would accept idea nosotros were having an regular army for dinner.  Then for the showtime fourth dimension EVER, my boy Patrick wanted me to larn upwards together with become shopping amongst him on dark Fri at 5:30 a.m.  Honestly it was pretty nifty together with I got a ton of shopping finished.  Yeah!  We got some pretty expert deals too.  Then without a direct chances to recover, out came the Christmas decorations.  Sheesh I can’t expect to become dorsum to run tomorrow together with larn some rest. 

I also NEVER desire to swallow again.  Well maybe a few days of lean meals would endure great. I am afraid I won’t endure able to push clitoris my run wearing clothing tomorrow.  I welcome some normal non-casserole meals.  Give me salad!  I took a ton of photos this past times few days together with volition post them soon.  I didn’t especial each recipe but if in that place is something y'all would similar to know to a greater extent than about, but permit me know!

In the meantime, hither are a few photos from the Thanksgiving 24-hour interval extravaganza.  We didn’t go anywhere, nosotros didn’t accept out of town company, no neighbors came by, it was a squeamish fourth dimension amongst but our piddling household unit of measurement together with agency every bit good much food! H5N1 friend of my son’s did come upwards past times for a slice of Pumpkin Cheesecake.  I volition post that recipe tomorrow – I idea it was awesome fifty-fifty if I did mess it upwards – to a greater extent than details on that snafu.

We brought out the silverish together with made it all fancy.

China, crystal together with candles!

The newly painted dining room laid upwards for dinner.

I fifty-fifty folded fancy napkins.  These are together with thus tardily together with this especial plication is called a butler’s hat.

Flowers together with all the trimmings. 
Funny how y'all tin forcefulness out pass days preparing for a repast similar this together with it’s over inward an hour.

Stuffing, greenish edible bean casserole sugariness potatoes, turkey, broccoli casserole together with mashed potatoes. 
Not pictured rolls, gravy together with cranberry sauce.

I made a Butterball turkey pectus – my favorite.

Wow that was a lot of food.  I am together with thus glad it all turned out OK.

We also had a pecan pie together with chocolate pecan pie.  I made a recipe for difficult sauce from The Pioneer Woman which includes powdered sugar, butter together with whiskey.  It was tasty drizzled over the pecan pie.
I’m laid upwards to larn dorsum on the normal eating schedule together with swallow less!  

I promise y'all together with your household unit of measurement had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Christmas is but around the corner together with the baking volition laid about soon.  Thanks for stopping by!  Tricia

Source: savingdessert.com