Tuesday, January 21, 2020

T’Was The Monday Later On Christmas ….

It’s the Mon afterwards Christmas too inward a agency I’m then glad.  I’m non then glad to become dorsum to move only am thankful to receive got a skillful job.  We receive got snowfall on the set down too it is blustery cold, only cipher to write abode about!

We had cracking occupation solid unit of measurement Christmas fourth dimension together, watching movies, playing a lilliputian Wii, cooking, too eating, too eating some more.  I must nation that I’m very happy to larn dorsum to a normal nutrient routine.  I LOVE to bake too receive got enjoyed making all the candy too cookies.  I receive got LOVED blogging the recipes too taking photos of the sugariness indulgences.  I receive got enjoyed giving it away too hopefully making someones holidays a lilliputian sweeter. 

I solely had 2 cooking mishaps only cipher required stitches.  I ruined 1 really skillful pan making a batch of Burnt Sugar Almonds.  I burnt them alright!  It was a total disaster too into the trash it went.  I’ve been shopping for a novel pan to supervene upon the 1 I burned up, only this may endure a lot harder than I thought. 

The other mishap involved a Christmas present.  I brand a lot of fudge too toffee.  Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 LOT.  My hubby has tried for 3 Christmas’s inward a row to purchase me a candy thermometer.  I unremarkably don’t role 1 only he idea I could modify my ways too become to a greater extent than high-tech.  I welcomed the chance to endeavour only each 1 has non worked amongst my needs or cookware.  This twelvemonth I was excited because I idea this blueprint would be the one.  Unfortunately the drinking glass broke on the underground earlier it fifty-fifty reached 300 degrees spell making a batch of English Toffee.  Who would receive got idea a thermometer would intermission doing what it is supposed to do?  The drinking glass was somewhere inward the Toffee then it all went into the trash.  I told my hubby that I’m done trying to role those things.  I’ll stick amongst my onetime low-tech method.  It has worked for years too it doesn’t break!

This morn I actually enjoyed my Banana Smoothie amongst Greek Yogurt, almond milk too frozen banana.  For luncheon I receive got a pear, an almond butter sandwich too an orangish if I quest an afternoon snack.  It volition receive got close 2 weeks to detox from the carbohydrate / carb overload only I’m laid for the challenge!  Vege’s for dinner tonight!

My hubby bought some Jillian Michaels practise DVDs for Christmas.  I’m laid to create some indoor exercising since it’s likewise mutual depression temperature to walk – at to the lowest degree for me it’s likewise cold!  I wonder if Jillian volition proper name at me? 


I receive got 1 to a greater extent than packet of goodies to post out but everything was made concluding night.  This one’s going to Texas and now I’ll set away the recipes for some other year!

I’m non into this New Year’s resolution thing, only refocusing is agency on the transcend of my list.  What are you lot going to create to larn dorsum on track, if you lot roughshod off the rail similar me? 

I’m also inward search of a skillful black-eye’d pea recipe.  Any suggestions? 

Thanks for stopping by!  Tricia

Source: savingdessert.com