Thursday, January 23, 2020

Tweaks As Well As Bananas

Well friends I intend I involve to tweak the invention a little.

I am trying to figure out how to lose weight without having to count points, count calories, swallow pre-packaged (yuck) frozen foods.  However I appear to conduct hold ‘perfected’ maintaining instead of losing.  Not that it’s a bad thing!  I am eating well for you lot together with non obsessing close every seize amongst teeth I pose inward my mouth.  The exclusively occupation is I desire to live at my feel-good-weight together with I’m non at that topographic point yet.  To farther ‘tweak’ this plan, I’m going to start journaling my daily nutrient 1 time again to run into if that helps.  I don’t desire to obsess close nutrient anymore, I merely desire to live normal.  I’m 51 years onetime together with am together with hence tired of dieting! 

I too involve to ramp upwards the exercise.  This busy life has me downward to two or three days a calendar week of ability walking.  We moved the elliptical to the garage together with hence I gauge that’s where I involve to be.  So let’s run into how this side past times side calendar week goes together with possibly it won’t conduct hold much to confine start this transformation. 

OK commencement of all … you lot involve to operate purchase extra bananas, tegument together with freeze them inward a container or bag.  We volition conduct hold several recipes to utter over that involve bananas – nature’s perfect food!

Next you’ll desire to brand this smoothie recipe I constitute on  This smoothie has become one of my favorite meals.  I am non exaggerating when I tell I tin forcefulness out swallow it everyday.  It tin forcefulness out live a actually bully snack but I discovery it together with hence satisfying and filling, I conduct hold it equally a repast because it lasts all morning time (4+ hours).  Back inward the days of high carb breakfasts, I would ofttimes larn shaky inside a dyad of hours of eating.  Sometimes it would conduct hold hours to overcome that awful feeling.  When I started understanding my trunk and my reactions to for certain foods, I constitute that poly peptide for breakfast is a key for me to curb hunger.  This smoothie has tons of poly peptide inward the yogurt together with almond milk.  Greek yogurt is a ability family of poly peptide amongst twenty grams inward 1 cup.  I’ve had this smoothie for dejeuner together with dinner but love it most for breakfast. 

Put it all inward the blender together with add together a few H2O ice cubes

Cool, creamy, high poly peptide goodness (see the soft pillow of frozen banana!)

Gotta run lookout adult man Biggest Loser for to a greater extent than inspiration!  Thanks for stopping by.

 Banana Smoothie

1/2 loving cup almond milk

     (such equally Breeze or Silk or regular depression fatty milk)

1 loving cup evidently Greek yogurt

1 frozen banana, cutting up

1 tablespoon honey

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

sprinkle of nutmeg

3 or iv H2O ice cubes

Put all ingredients (except honey) inward the blender.  Mix until smooth.  Turn blender to a depression speed together with add together the honey.  I constitute that the dear merely sits on the bottom of the blender if you lot pose it inward amongst the other ingredients.