Monday, January 20, 2020

Who Stole The Honey?? ... & Enjoyed Bluish Cheese Amongst Love Drizzle

Sometimes it's the uncomplicated things nosotros all love best.  And my favorite agency to relish dear couldn't live simpler blue cheese amongst dear drizzle.  Simply delicious.

We robbed our bees last weekend!!  Well, actually, Mark robbed our bees final weekend ... I was purely a spectator for this circular every bit I'm all the same recovering from my surgical operation a few weeks ago.  But I was an excellent spectator!  I should live able to resume my trusty Assistant Beekeeper purpose past times the adjacent robbing inwards July.

We convey 2 hives - an established one, in addition to i nosotros exactly bought this spring.  This flavor we'll solely live able to rob the established hive - the novel i is all the same getting settled in, in addition to in that place won't live plenty dear yet for them to portion amongst us.

But that's okay - we'll all the same instruct plenty of dear to agree us over from exactly the unmarried hive!  We instruct well-nigh 6-8 quarts of dear from a unmarried robbing, in addition to we're able to rob the established hive twice inwards a summertime ... May in addition to July ... provided atmospheric condition remain good.  I don't really know what all these "conditions" are, but Mark does ... that's why he's the Head Beekeeper, in addition to I'm exactly the trusty Assistant.  See, I'm novel to beekeeping, but Mark's been doing it since he was inwards his early on teens.  He in addition to his virile somebody raise used to convey 10 hives ... ten ... that's a lot of honey!!  But in addition to thus the bees all got sick in addition to died off ... which is really distressing ... in addition to similar a shot we're exactly getting dorsum into it.

But I bet you'd rather come across roughly pictures of the robbing process, than demand heed well-nigh Mark's apiculture history, wouldn't you?  Okay, thus hither nosotros go!  Pictures of the process, amongst my absolute favorite agency to relish dear at the end!

First upwardly - Mark opening upwardly the hive.  Doesn't he await all cute inwards his particular suit?  Our bees are really gentle, thus sometimes he doesn't wearable the total arrange ... exactly the chapeau in addition to veil amongst a thick sweatshirt.  He makes me nervous when he does that ... I'd rather he wearable the total suit.  Just inwards case.

Opening the hive
 After the hive is opened, he pulls out the frames.  The honeycomb inwards the frames has to live capped ... that white materials you lot come across sealing the cells ... or it's non cook to live robbed.  If you lot harvest the dear earlier the bees convey capped it, the dear volition spoil.  Mark gets real bummed when he thinks it's fourth dimension to rob, but finds uncapped cells when he pulls out the frames.  When that happens, he has to exactly position the frames dorsum inwards in addition to nosotros hold off a twain of weeks to banking concern gibe again!

Capped in addition to cook to live robbed!

Side view
 Next, nosotros acquit the total frames (they're heavy!) into the basement in addition to kickoff cutting those caps off to loose the honey.  They brand particular electrical heated knives to utilization to cutting the caps, but Mark's mom has figured out that a prissy sudden serrated knife industrial plant fifty-fifty amend for her.  Sometimes the electrical knife would instruct likewise hot in addition to burn downward the wax caps in addition to honey!  Plus, it's a hurting inwards the pa-tooty to construct clean the electrical knife.  Ya know, sometimes low-tech is juuussst fine.

Mark's mom cutting off the caps
There's a lot of dear all the same inwards the cuttings, thus nosotros collect them inwards a large bowl to live drained later.  We'll instruct well-nigh a total quart of dear from these cuttings.  That's a lot! 
Wax caps after they're cutting off
 Next, the frames are position inwards the extractor in addition to Mark cranks the handgrip to extract the honey.  Just imagine dear flight all over the house within the cylinder every bit Mark cranks ... splat!

Splat! ... goes the honey
 Then it's fourth dimension to pour the dear off into jars.  We're almost done!!  Well ...

Pouring off the honey

Our harvest

... except for the clean-up.  But nosotros allow the bees assistance amongst that!

Bees cleaning upwardly the within of the extractor
And similar a shot for the best business office - eating the honey!  My absolute favorite agency to relish dear is real uncomplicated ... blueish cheese amongst a drizzle of dear on a baguette slice.  There's exactly something well-nigh the combination of the sweetness dear amongst the tangy-ness of the blueish cheese.  Absolute yum.

Here's to hoping the bees are working difficult thus nosotros tin rob them i time to a greater extent than inwards July!!  Get busy, fiddling bees!

Blue Cheese amongst Honey Drizzle
(Printable recipe)
  • 1 wedge of blueish cheese
  • honey
  • baguette slices and/or H2O crackers
  1. Place the blueish cheese wedge on a serving plate. Drizzle the exceed generously amongst honey, letting the dear tumble over all of the edges.
  2. Serve amongst baguette slices and/or H2O crackers, in addition to to a greater extent than dear on the side for additional drizzling.