Saturday, January 4, 2020

Why Ane Hold Off Upward To Giraffes Together With Rita B

Take a await behind the scenes of the Nashville Zoo alongside an upwards unopen together with personal await at giraffes, elephants together with lots of other furry residents!

Maybe I’ve seen them earlier … but non upwards unopen together with personal similar this.  I’m talking “drooled on alongside gummy giraffe slobber – moisture kiss” close.

And without a doubt, it was the coolest moisture osculation I’ve e'er had!

We went to the zoo together with I turned into a v yr onetime footling daughter again.

Yes I am short, virtually 5′ 1″ (+-), but giraffes are really, actually tall together with feeding this ginormous giraffe was 1 of the coolest things I’ve e'er done … inwards my whole life!  I must live on deprived or easily entertained or something because I can’t halt thinking virtually our weekend inwards Nashville together with my fourth dimension alongside Damani, the manful someone giraffe that stands virtually twenty feet tall.

This may live on equally unopen equally I e'er acquire to an actual photograph safari inwards Africa then it was a dream come upwards true.  My husband’s sister-in-law, Rita B (in the blueish jacket) is a vet tech at the Nashville zoo.  She has cared for zoo animals for almost xxx years inwards Dallas together with Nashville.  For many of those years she’s invited us to come upwards together with receive got the behind-the-scenes tour of her component together with nation hi to her footling friends!  Wish nosotros had done this sooner!


The atmospheric condition inwards Nashville was mutual frigidity together with rainy alongside a chilly, blustery wind.  Little did I know that bad atmospheric condition would brand our watch that much better.  Many of the animals don’t exit into their habitats during mutual frigidity atmospheric condition then that agency nosotros didn’t receive got to persuasion them across the yard, nosotros got invited into their homes.

Check out this link for for some fascinating facts virtually “our animals at the Nashville Zooincluding the giraffes, their habitats, together with characteristics.

“Does my butt await large inwards this shot?”



We were joined past times my nephew Eric, his lovely married adult woman Kendra together with their super adorable boy Connor.  They drove upwards from Chattanooga to run across us together with receive got the tour.  So blessed to receive got fun fourth dimension alongside family!

Damani had a affair for my nephew’s married adult woman Kendra.

He wasn’t going to allow her acquire downwardly the stairs without a kiss!



Damani was then interesting together with I justice he idea nosotros were too.


I felt similar I was standing adjacent to a existent alive dinosaur.  Giraffes are beautiful, gentle, colorful, strange, exotic together with they receive got large bulging eyes that are almost hypnotic.



Damani loves lettuce leaves.


Even my 3 yr onetime great-nephew wasn’t afraid to fed Damani.

There are several subspecies of giraffe inwards the wild.  The Nashville Zoo has ii dissimilar varieties.  Notice the color together with blueprint difference?  So beautiful.


The zoo had a novel babe giraffe this past times December.  Damani is a daddy!


The mommy giraffe was rattling protective together with aware of everything.


I similar her footling pilus create together with beautiful long oculus lashes – then adorable.


Next nosotros moved on to the elephants.

They receive got four woman someone African elephants alongside Rosie beingness the oldest at historic menstruum 45.


I never knew that elephants tin live on rattling dangerous, particularly to zookeepers.  More zookeepers popular off from elephant related accidents than whatever other animal.  I would receive got idea tigers or lions owned that statistic.



So nosotros kept our distance together with observed them from beyond body distance.



We were non allowed to cross the grate on the floor, which I was happy to know!

Later inwards the hateful solar daytime they went into their habitat for a few hours of playtime.  We caught them only equally they were going dorsum inwards for the evening.

The Zoo is currently running a DinoTrek exhibit displaying fifteen life size, moving, spitting, hissing together with roaring dinosaurs.  It was a footling similar beingness inwards a Jurassic Park film alongside the rain, mist, fog, scary sounds, together with thundering booms.  Great-nephew Connor together with his Dad posed alongside a few of their favorites.


Don’t acquire inwards the long grass!



The fog machine actually made it extra creepy.


Connor was rattling brave (especially for a 3 yr old) together with only blended inwards alongside this dino-hoodie!  He made his parents acquire through the woods 3 times – then cute.


After a quick halt at the gift store, luncheon was inwards order.


Connor knows the names of all the dinosaurs.  He together with his dad dear dinosaurs.


After a quick luncheon at the Zoofari Cafe we continued on the adventure.

We headed over to the hospital where Rita B does most of her work.  This is where they receive got attention of sick together with injured animals, create medical procedures together with surgery, together with perform studies documenting the information gathered to assist protect the animals together with their offspring.    This pretty daughter is a tamandua.  She is a tree-dwelling relative of the giant anteater.  She tin wrap her tail around branches together with hang on similar an opossum.


The Nashville Zoo has a whole barn of anteaters but nosotros couldn’t acquire skillful photos equally it was rattling nighttime together with the bars were unopen together.  Rita B has been working on a report virtually anteaters together with their hormones (via their poop) together with hopes to wrap it upwards inwards the adjacent year.  Fascinating stuff.  We also got to consider a kangaroo coming out of surgical operation to take a broken tooth.  I know she is going to experience much better!

These are only some of the reasons why I await upwards to Rita B.  She is fearless together with caring together with loves the animals.  She has way besides much fun at go together with is passionate virtually the medical attention of their residents.  She is also rattling fun to go alongside together with super smart!  Rita has traveled all over the basis including a trip Africa to notice gorillas.  She fifty-fifty buys me blogging props piece antiquing inwards Nashville (thanks for the antique H2O ice cream scoop!)  We dear ya Rita B!

The Nashville Zoo lately opened a novel habitat named Kangaroo Kickabout.  Visitors tin walk along the winding path together with consider kangaroos playing inwards their Australian habitat.  The atmospheric condition had started to pause then the roo’s had been exterior for some fun.  See the kangaroos on the top left?  The zookeepers were only coming out to telephone telephone the kangaroos dorsum inwards for dinner when nosotros arrived.


We were allowed to hop along alongside the crew together with consider where they pass their evenings.


They don’t seem bothered past times us at all!


Once within the enclosure, 1 of the zookeepers brought out a yellowish crested Cockatoo for Connor to meet.

Male together with woman someone (in the back) Eurasian Lynx


Gorgeous together with song Clouded Leopards


Here kitty, kitty!


They had ii novel babe camels – both nether a calendar month old.  Thank goodness they had non learned how to spit yet!


Connor together with Eric enjoyed a ride on the Wild Animal Carousel.



Every front end yard needs one!  (That’s a footling Florida joke)



Eric together with Connor feeding nectar to the Rainbow Lorikeets.


Connor is plainly a plane kind-of guy!  Did I cite he’s exclusively 3 years old?  Amazing!

A quick halt inwards the aquarium to watch a few alligators …


… lots of turtles ….


… together with a bunch of fish.  We had a total hateful solar daytime of fun together with can’t hold off to create it again!

Thanks to my hubby for sharing some of his photos alongside me.  I personally enjoyed shooting something other than food.  Moving, breathing, animated subjects are much harder to photograph than a plate of brownies.  I promise to acquire to a greater extent than opportunities similar this 1 time to a greater extent than soon.

Thanks then much for stopping by!  I’ll receive got a novel recipe for you lot on Monday.  We got invited to a block political party this weekend together with I can’t hold off to drag our lawn chairs out of the shed together with set on sunglasses.  Happy Spring to you!