Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Chef Lavatory Is On Vacation!

Just wanted to permit everyone know that I’ll endure on opor-garai this week. We’ll maintain to release comments together with questions piece I’m gone, merely I won’t endure some to answer them. So yes, it volition endure really like to when I’m non on vacation.

I can’t nation for sure where I’m going, or what I’ll endure doing, merely I’m posting this beach film to exhibit ane house I won’t endure headed. I didn’t bring whatsoever photos of me at the beach, merely this ane is really closed to what you’d encounter (although, the giant cross would genuinely endure a clock).

By the way, I bring null against the beach, or walking some barely dressed, merely the “Hey, who called a cab?” jokes instruct a petty old. Hope you lot bring a groovy week, together with every minute always, enjoy!
- Photo courtesy of Flikr user Mr TGT