Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Easy “Squeezy” Corn On The Cobb

I saw this technique on the Huffington Post a spell back, too spell it wasn’t the outset fourth dimension I’d seen, or used the micro-method, it was the outset fourth dimension I’d seen it inwards video form, thank you lot to the lovely too talented, Carl Blemming. By the way, I’m assuming Huff Po didn’t pay him anything for it, then to brand upwards for that, neither volition we.

This proves something that I’ve known for years…no affair how slap-up a kitchen technique is, unless you lot purpose it regularly, you’ll forget well-nigh it. Usually, equally before long equally I larn dwelling theatre from the store, I shuck the corn, too larn from there, exactly equally before long equally I saw that ear larn into Carl’s microwave, it all came back. Now I tin forget well-nigh it all over again.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that another nutrient channels bring besides published this “hack” recently, exactly since I don’t scout anyone else, I can’t confirm those reports, exactly I couldn't bring been the solely one. The indicate is, it works. It industrial plant perfectly, too I promise you lot plow over it a assay soon. Enjoy!