Saturday, February 1, 2020

I Beloved Novel York

The latterly posted Beef on Weck served every 2nd a reminder of simply how many smashing regional recipes come upwardly from Upstate in addition to Western New York. Here are a few of my favorites that you lot may accept missed. To encounter the amount post in addition to recipe, simply click on the title, in addition to away you lot go. Enjoy!

Chicken Riggies

The pride of Utica! Easy in addition to delicious, this is Italian-American comfort nutrient at it's finest.

Chicken Spiedies

This sandwich hails from Binghamton, in addition to too learning a great, novel chicken recipe, you'll also larn what "zuzu" is.

Syracuse Salt Potatoes

Not alone is this Syracuse common salt potatoes recipe i of the nearly delicious ways to laid upwardly infant spuds, it’s also i of the nearly interesting.

Cornell Chicken

Despite beingness invented past times an Ivy League professor, this unproblematic grilled chicken recipe is nil curt of amazing.