Monday, February 17, 2020

Korean Fried Chicken Sauce – The Sauce Of Things To Come

Who says you lot direct maintain to read H. G. Wells to reference him? Anyway, this lovely sweetness as well as sour sauce is exercise i of a two-part serial on Korean fried chicken. That video volition endure posted on Wednesday, as well as if you lot desire to relish it at 100% awesomeness, you’ll desire to whip upward a batch of this stuff.

As I disclaimed inwards the video, this is but my take, as well as patch I intend it’s pretty classic, at that topographic point are a couplet of things I produce differently. I similar to add together lots of light-green onion as well as garlic, also every bit non create this quite every bit long every bit most recipes telephone band for. The number is a sauce amongst those ingredients a niggling to a greater extent than up-front inwards the flavour profile. The alone drawback is you lot don’t become quite every bit deep a cherry-red color, but I can’t fifty-fifty pretend to endure concerned amongst that.

By the way, you lot should essay to uncovering but about Korean chili flakes and/or glue if you lot can. I’ve used them before, as well as the flavour is great, as well as land to a greater extent than authentic, but if you lot can’t, whatever hot chili flakes or glue volition work. Now, all nosotros involve is some “KFC” to spoon this over. Stay tuned, as well as every bit always, enjoy!

Ingredients for nearly vi servings:
1/2 loving cup ketchup
2 light-green onions, chopped fine
4 cloves of garlic, minced fine
2 tbsp honey
1 to 2 tsp cherry-red chili flakes, to sense of savor
1 tbsp sambal chili sauce, or other dry soil chili sauce/paste, to sense of savor
1 pinch of salt
1/2 tsp freshly dry soil dark pepper
1 lemon, juiced, or to a greater extent than to taste
1/4 loving cup H2O to accommodate thickness, to a greater extent than every bit needed
*Note: everything inwards this is “to taste,” therefore accommodate until you lot intend it’s balanced betwixt sweet, sour, as well as spicy.
-- Combine ingredients as well as simmer on depression for nearly five minutes. Cool as well as serve at room temperature.
*Click hither for the Korean Fried Chicken recipe