Monday, March 23, 2020

Beast Means Vodka? I’Ll Accept An Anchor Steam!

My friends at created this unique quaff to celebrate the Seattle Seahawks, their garish squad colors, as well as their borderline-insane running back’s favorite candy. Seattle is good known for having the loudest, craziest fans inwards the league, as well as if this quaff catches on, it volition for sure attempt the later.

I alive inwards San Francisco, as well as volition endure rooting for the Niner’s, as well as then in that place won’t endure whatever of this freaky fluorescence flowing at my Super Bowl party, merely if yous are a ‘Hawks supporter, I invite yous to scout the video as well as laissez passer on “Beast Mode Vodka” try. That way, if your squad loses, at to the lowest degree you’ll bring a horrible hangover to expect forrad to! Enjoy!