Monday, March 30, 2020

Focaccia Di Recco – Treating Myself

When I process myself to a personal “food wish,” it’s commonly something I’ve eaten out too move obsessed over, too this episode is a classic case. There’s a Ligurian eating theater called Farina close us, too I’ve move a full-blown focaccia di Recco stalker. 

After watching them arrive inwards front end of me too thus many times, I had to plough over it a try. It doesn’t await similar the focaccia most of us are used to, but come upwards to discovery out, “focaccia” only agency whatsoever flatbread cooked inwards a hearth, too varies portion to region.

This detail instance hails from Recco, too is nada to a greater extent than than to a greater extent than or less Stracchino cheese trapped inwards betwixt two, super-thin layers of dough. The dough is nada to a greater extent than than flour, water, olive oil, too salt; but cheers to a real hot oven, too this belike ancient technique, to a greater extent than or less serious flatbread magic happens.

As I confess inwards the video, I was scared to utilization likewise much cheese, but I’ll utilization to a greater extent than side past times side time. At Farina, yous tin post away come across a sparse layer of the molten Stracchino oozing out betwixt the layers. My Crescenza cheese was basically absorbed, but spell yous couldn’t come across it, yous could surely sense of savor it, too it was amazing.

The obvious inquiry is, tin post away yous add together other fillings to this? Yes, but don’t. It’s perfect…as long every bit yous discovery the cheese. Please, discovery the cheese (no substitutions volition live offered #toughlove). 

 By the way, I’m officially recommending the quarter canvass pan seen herein, which is what they utilization inwards the restaurant, but I recollect a circular tart pan would function every bit well. In fact, from what I come across online, the circular pan seems to live the standard. I can’t hold off to endeavour this again, too sincerely promise yous plough over it move every bit well. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 2 modest or i large Focaccia di Recco (Tip for get-go timers: Make a double batch of dough too thus yous accept plenty to function with!)
*2 cups all-purpose flour (9.5 past times weight)
1/2 loving cup addition 2 tbsp water           
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
3/4 tsp fine salt
*use plenty flour to shape a soft, but non likewise gummy dough. Knead for virtually 5-6 minutes to from a smooth, elastic dough. Let remainder i hr at room temp.
12 oz Crescenza or Stracchino cheese (6 oz for each focaccia) 
extra virgin olive oil too body of body of water salt, to sense of savor for the move past times
Bake at 500 degrees F.for virtually 6-7 minutes, or until well-browned