Sunday, March 22, 2020

Our 2014 Super Bowl Prediction!

Once again, it’s fourth dimension I allow yous inward on my magical method for picking the Super Bowl winner, using the ancient gypsy fine art of Buffalo chicken fly os reading. I can't tell yous how I learned to create this, or why anyone inward their correct heed would accept it seriously, but what I tin tell yous is this... the Seattle Seahawks volition vanquish the Denver Broncos. Guaranteed. It's a lock. Bet the kids' college fund.

In the spirit of sum disclosure, I should cite that I’m partnered amongst, which is based inward Seattle, together with function past times fanatical Seahawks fans. So, a cynic mightiness nation this alternative was made to only drib dead along the corporate overlords happy. Well, if that were the case, why would I fifty-fifty cite it, together with heighten suspicions? Maybe yous mean value this is to a greater extent than or less form of vague, cryptic message telling yous to truly bet on the Broncos? Well, that’s exactly ridiculous.

Anyway, skilful luck, together with I’ll apologize inward advance for bumping yous upwardly into a higher revenue enhancement bracket later yous collect your winning. You’re welcome, kids. Enjoy!