Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Manhattan Filet Projection – This Novel Steak Cutting Is The Bomb

While I’m thrilled to live on bringing yous this “Manhattan Filet” demo, I should outset past times apologizing for waiting as well as thus long. I learned this bully technique a few years agone on a foodie plain trip to Las Vegas, as well as select been keeping it to myself ever since. 

Of course, waiting 3 years to publicly part things yous did inward Vegas is e'er a prudent strategy, merely that wasn’t the illustration here.

Regardless, this unproblematic technique non alone provides yous alongside a NY Strip steak that eats similar a filet mignon, merely equally you’ll come across soon, the trimmings are going to live on used to brand a world-class pan sauce. Even if a faux-bordelaise isn’t your loving cup of tea, yous tin e'er salve the scraps for a sun sauce, or meatballs, as well as and thus this method notwithstanding makes feel no matter.

The overnight “dry-aging” footstep is optional, merely does add together a picayune something extra to the concluding product. In improver to unopen to nominal season concentration, the leathery surface volition crust upwards marvelously. Anyway, remain tuned for the companion sauce video coming upwards next, as well as if yous desire to play along at home, piece of occupation out as well as select grip of unopen to prissy fatty NY strips, as well as outset your ain Manhattan filet project. Enjoy!

Please note: I recommend using at to the lowest degree 12-14 ounce NY Strip steaks!