Thursday, April 9, 2020

Building A Bigger Baguette

People are yell for if y'all tin brand larger loaves, too the response is a definite yes. Here y'all run across a batch of dough made into 2 larger baguettes, which took well-nigh xx minutes to bake, I think. I should bring timed it for you, only I was mesmerized past times their beauty equally I kept peeking to run across if they were done, too never checked the clock. It's hardly my fault.

You tin also brand ane giant loaf, only may desire to cut back the temperature to 450 F., since the baking fourth dimension is going to survive longer, possibly 35-40 minutes or so. By the way, y'all tin e'er examination amongst a thermometer, too delineate the breadstuff at an internal temperature of 190-200 F. Enjoy!