Friday, April 3, 2020

Happy National Vichyssoise Solar Daytime Eve

Warning: this is non vichyssoise.
I relish making fun of arbitrarily designated nutrient holidays every bit much every bit the side past times side nutrient blogger, in addition to similar many, I role them every bit a convenient excuse to repost seasonally appropriate recipes, non actually caring how the 24-hour interval came about, merely National Vichyssoise Day is different.

Seriously, individual needs to unwrap out how it came to hold upward that we’re celebrating a chilled murphy in addition to leek soup inwards the middle of November. I took a quick look, in addition to piece in that place are countless references to the day, every bit usual, no information on its genesis. As a B-list YouTube celebrity, I’m far besides busy to create whatsoever farther research, merely if whatsoever of you lot nutrient detectives fissure the case, delight allow me know.

Shockingly, I’ve non done a vichyssoise video yet, in addition to then you’ll accept to settle for this incredibly comforting ham in addition to murphy soup. While non every bit seasonally inappropriate every bit Vichyssoise, it’s delicious nonetheless, in addition to 1 of our most pop soup recipes ever. Enjoy!