Tuesday, April 21, 2020

In Memoriam: William D’Arduini

My uncle Billy passed away a few days ago. He’d been having wellness issues over the final few years, but the word yet came every bit a sudden, as well as real lamentable shock. He was 1 of my earliest inspirations for becoming a chef, as well as every bit many of you lot know, nosotros filmed several recipes together over the years from his kitchen inwards Manchester, NY.

After I left the California Culinary Academy to starting fourth dimension Food Wishes, I gave him 1 of my chef coats, as well as whenever I’d visit, he’d hold upward wearing that coat, busily cooking away, looking every flake the part. He was a hairdresser as well as hairstylist yesteryear trade, but Uncle Billy could get got been a world-class chef. His passion for food, as well as for life, was boundless. Running upward the stairs from his second, basement kitchen, carrying a giant pan of food, grinning broadly, talking loudly, wearing that old, white chef coat, is how I volition ever squall back him.

I tin mean value of no amend tribute than to re-post the videos he was involved inwards below. In the “Homemades” video, you lot tin genuinely need heed Uncle Bill helping me amongst the narration. Of course, inwards truthful Food Wishes style, nosotros entirely encounter his hands, but yesteryear watching the fashionable agency he handles the food, it’s real slow to encounter that he had a particular touch.

Our heartfelt thoughts as well as prayers become out to my Aunt Angela as well as the residual of the family. I can’t laid about to imagine how hard this is for them, but hopefully they tin accept some comfort inwards knowing but how much pleasance Uncle Billy brought to those some him. Not entirely did he feed the party, but he was unremarkably the life of it too. He volition hold upward dearly missed.

Rest inwards peace, Uncle Billy. We loved you, as well as volition proceed to love as well as squall back you lot through all the amazing dishes you lot as well as then generously shared. I know 1 thing, the nutrient inwards sky but got a lot better. Enjoy.

Homemades - Making Pasta amongst Uncle Bill (read master copy post service here)

Chicken D’Arduini (read master copy post service here)

Arancini - Italian Rice Balls (read master copy post service here)