Sunday, April 12, 2020

National Pizza Month? Sure, Why Not!

That's right, plainly Oct is National Pizza Month, in addition to to celebrate I'm sharing these links to to a greater extent than or less of our most pop pizza-related posts. Both pizza doughs, the no-knead, in addition to Wolfgang Puck's classic California-style, become rave reviews, in addition to are slow to master, fifty-fifty for a beginner. 

Of course, human being cannot alive past times crust alone, therefore you'll equally good involve to a greater extent than or less sauce, a few creative topping ideas, in addition to a bright technique to reheat those cold, leftover slices. You know the drill; merely click the links to watch/read the original recipe post. Enjoy!

No-Knead Pizza Dough

So slow in addition to fun to make, unless you lot similar kneading, in addition to therefore mayhap non therefore much.

Wolfgang's California Pizza Dough

The original chef-to-the-stars shares this rattling user-friendly, all-purpose pizza dough recipe.

Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauce is almost equally of import equally the dough, therefore don't fifty-fifty intend almost using something straight off from the can.

Asparagus, Ham, in addition to Ricotta Pizza 

I mostly don't similar a lot vegetables on my pizza, since that's what salads are for, but asparagus alongside ham in addition to ricotta is to a greater extent than or less other floor altogether.

Sausage in addition to Egg Pizza

Eggs on pizza? Yes, yes, in addition to yes. Yes. 

Potato Pesto Pizza

Do you lot beloved pizza, but wishing it had to a greater extent than carbs? Well, this potato-topped pesto pizza is exactly what the "doctor" ordered.   

How to Reheat Pizza 

This went viral for a reason. Simply put, this method produces a ameliorate spell of pizza than when it was starting fourth dimension made.