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3 Pitcher Cocktail Recipes!

I’m sharing three Pitcher-Friendly Cocktail Recipes agree for a crowd! We’ve got Classic Pitcher Margaritas, Strawberry Lemonade Basil Fizz, Peach Elderflower Gin Pitcher, and a Watermelon Mojito Mocktail! You can brand them ahead of time, together with yous don’t take to worry well-nigh making a bunch of cocktails, ane-by-1, for your guests! There is something for everyone hither & all of the recipes accept proven to live huge crowd pleasers!

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The best fashion to entertain during the summertime is amongst super refreshing cocktails & cheeseboards – but no 1 always wants to individually milk shake cocktails for half-dozen+ people, correct?! That’second where pitcher cocktails come up in! I can’t order you lot how many times I’ve individually shaken cocktails for x+ people in an eve – as well as that totally ends directly. All of these recipes are so insanely skilful, super refreshing for summertime, in addition to EASY! I don’t even know if I could choice a favorite. They’re all SO practiced!

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When I kickoff started asking you lot guys what you needed aid alongside this summer when it comes to entertaining, a bunch of yous said cocktail recipes, together with mocktails too!

I knew that you wouldn’t desire to be slaving over your kitchen in addition to your bar cart to individually milkshake cocktails for a crowd, then I came upwardly with 3 pitcher-friendly cocktails – together with there is something for everyone! From classic margs, to super refreshing strawberry lemonade basil fizzes, to a peach elderflower gin cocktail, to a watermelon mint mojito MOCKTAIL! It’sec so skillful, yous guys. I could drink that watermelon juice alllll summertime long.

But they’re all amazing & I definitely couldn’t option a favorite – and then let’s go to it!

Shot of a pitcher of classic margaritas

Classic Pitcher Margaritas

Oh, a good classic margarita. How I honey you lot then. There’sec naught meliorate to me than a plain ‘ol margarita with salt. Not as well sweetness, plenty of lime, tequila, as well as Grand Marnier. I’ve tried sweetening my margaritas amongst agave, but I don’t like them every bit much as using uncomplicated syrup. Simple syrup is what I sweeten all of my cocktail recipes amongst. To me, if you’re gonna accept a cocktail, might also sweeten it with the proficient stuff.

I don’t like super sugariness cocktails – I’d order all of these are actually balanced in addition to non as well sweetness at all. But, they beauty of making your ain cocktails, is that yous tin totally adapt the sweet to your tastes! You tin can e'er beginning amongst less unproblematic syrup, together with add more if yous postulate besides! Same goes for making it sweeter – you lot can always add together more simple syrup!

Another thing I’d highly recommend if you lot know y'all’ll be making lots of pitcher margaritas this summertime – invest in a citrus juicer. The commencement fourth dimension I made this, I individually squeezed vii pounds, aye, 7 POUNDS, of limes past paw to become two cups of lime juice. And I won’t be making that error over again! Using a juicer allows you lot to become waaaaay more than juice out of your limes, and so that y'all don’t accept to role near as many!

Shot of a strawberry lemonade basil fizz pitcher cocktail

Strawberry Lemonade Basil Fizz

Oh my gosh I love this i SO much. It screams summer to me, together with the combination of lemonade, strawberry, too basil is downright addicting. It’second a vodka based cocktail, so it’second super calorie-free, refreshing, as well as rattling beverage (dangerously, and so, I power add!)

I notice that this i tastes meliorate and meliorate equally it sits – I similar to make it ahead of time, then that flavors take fourth dimension to hook up with. The strawberries, basil, and lemons actually infuse into the potable if you go far an 60 minutes about ahead of time. Just live sure non to add together whatever ice until you’re prepare to serve! Personally, I similar to fill up my spectacles amongst crushed water ice, together with just pour the cocktail over ice, instead of watering the whole pitcher downward amongst a lot of ice. For the margaritas though, I always add water ice to the pitcher itself, because they’re stronger in addition to it needs a piddling water ice to residuum everything out.

Shot of a peach elderflower gin pitcher cocktail

Peach Elderflower Gin Cocktail

If y'all don’t similar gin, I promise I tin convert y'all into a gin lover with this cocktail. I personally honey gin, just I know a bunch of people who don’t, as well as I’ve served this cocktail to several of them – too they LOVED it. I mean it’second the elderflower in addition to the mint that add fresh in addition to floral notes to it, along amongst the sweet peaches – it really creates such an incredible flavor. This is some other one of those summertime drinks that never gets quondam. Super sippable on a hot 24-hour interval as well!

There’sec too fresh lime juice too seltzer inwards this, which makes it even more refreshing! The primal here is to role the juiciest peaches yous tin can find. It makes all the deviation! Juicy peaches tin sometimes live hard to come by – only in one case you lot detect close to, you lot absolutely involve to brand this! If you lot can’t detect super ripe peaches, this would likewise operate with nectarines, if those wait amend to yous!

Shot of a watermelon mint mojito pitcher mocktail

And last only surely not to the lowest degree…

Watermelon Mint Mojito Mocktail

If you beloved fresh watermelon inward the summer (is that fifty-fifty a question?), yous volition dearest this. It’second basically like drinking a glass of fresh watermelon juice alongside a spritz of lime, mint, together with seltzer. And it’second sweetened alongside a beloved simple syrup, and so it’s completely refined saccharide gratuitous! I try to brand this one time a week during the summertime, especially during the hotter months to switch it upward from water. It’s insanely refreshing, too y'all honestly belike won’t desire to drink anything else one time y'all try it!

All you lot involve for this 1 is watermelon, mint, freshly squeezed lime juice, seltzer H2O, too dearest! Super simple in addition to basically summer in a glass!

Forward facing shot of 4 pitcher cocktails

For a larger party, it’sec ever fun to take a brace dissimilar pitcher cocktails, summation vino together with beer. For something smaller, a pitcher cocktail together with some beer or wine is commonly what I’ll become amongst. I’d recommend making these pitchers at least xxx minutes to 1 hr before your guests go far, because the flavors really conjoin when y'all permit them sit down a little scrap. Especially since we accept a bunch of fresh herbs in addition to fruit inwards all of them! If you desire to make them them even earlier than that, yous tin! I wouldn’t get more than iii hours ahead, just because the fresh herbs are delicate. In that case, I’d proceed them inwards the refrigerator to chill!

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Sending all of you lot a large virtual cheers!

If y'all make whatever of these recipes during the series, or if I inspire you lot host whatsoever sort of party or go-together, be certain to tag me, @spicesinmydna, and hashtag #summerentertainingseries on Instagram or Facebook! I absolutely LOVE seeing what you lot guys make!

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Classic Pitcher Margaritas

These Classic Pitcher Margaritas are perfectly balanced and non likewise sweet. All y'all call for is lots of freshly squeezed lime juice, tequila, Grand Marnier, elementary syrup, too crushed water ice! They're perfect for serving a crowd, instead of having to individually milk shake margaritas for your guests all night!


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