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Burrata Baked Ziti

Burrata Baked Ziti is exactly what it sounds similar. Baked pasta filled with gooey burrata cheese, garlicky tomato sauce, crispy pancetta, hot in addition to sweetness sausage, together with lots of fresh basil. It’second everything y'all desire inwards a baked pasta – creamy, cheesy, savory, comforting, together with filled alongside all the best flavors. Perfect for cozy appointment-nights inward, dinner guests, or when you simply want to treat yourself to approximately really incredible comfort food!

Overhead close up shot of a bowl of burrata baked ziti with a fork in the bowl

Baked ziti is one of those nostalgic meals for me, for and then many reasons. Growing upward, nosotros e'er went to my uncle’second menage on Christmas Eve, together with he’d ever accept the best spread: pans too pans of baked ziti filled with pepperoni, baskets of fried chicken, and tons of Old Bay steamed shrimp. Quite the mix I know, but quite honestly or so of my favorite things as well as best memories. On some other nostalgic bill, my dad ever talks well-nigh my grandma’second (who I was never lucky enough to come across) baked ziti as well as how amazing it was. I SO wishing I could try it. So inward laurels of wrapping up Pasta Week, I’m sharing my baked ziti, just how I get in in addition to the classic manner I relish it almost.

Overhead shot of a skillet of baked ziti garnished with basil

There’sec non much in this Earth amend than a huge pan of baked pasta, oozing alongside cheese together with adorned alongside crispy edges (the BEST office, right?!). In this instance, I decided to purpose i of the best cheeses known to homo: burrata. Although I’k ordinarily a proponent of leaving burrata in it’sec natural land, (because how could it be improved upon?!) in this example, it serves every bit the glue for this incredible pasta dish. It adds and then much melty creaminess that regular ‘ol mozzarella could never do.

And, to make things even more *extra*, I decided to garnish the pasta amongst a few (generous) hunks of fresh burrata to swirl into the melty ziti goodness.

Honestly, how could I not?!

Close up shot of a skillet filled with tomato sauce, pancetta, and spices

This whole ziti situation starts off alongside a actually uncomplicated sauce. Crushed tomatoes, pancetta, hot AND sugariness sausage, onion, garlic, spices, tons of fresh basil, together with my hugger-mugger component to add a trivial depth to the sauce – balsamic vinegar!

The pancetta too two types of sausages add together richness in addition to depth, spell the balsamic vinegar cuts that richness too adds a piddling more depth inward its ain manner.

There are and so many layers of flavors going on hither, too they but become meliorate as well as ameliorate one time the pasta spends or so time in the oven!

Overhead close up shot of pasta being tossed with tomato sauce and burrata

And so, every bit if it couldn’t get whatever improve, we stir close to torn burrata and parmesan into this mess.

I know that y'all’ll only want to cease correct there and consume the ziti this fashion, merely trust me when I order something magical happens inwards the oven. It’s form of incredible.

I too feel similar baked pastas are form of the terminal type of pasta I usually gravitate towards? I’one thousand non sure why, because they’re SO adept. This ane is making me fall in love alongside them all over again.

Also, earlier I get whatever farther – if you lot’re like “what the heck is burrata?” – permit me order yous. Burrata is basically the holy grail of all mozzarella varieties. It’sec a soft, cream-filled mozzarella, that looks like a ball of fresh mozzarella from the exterior, only when yous interruption it open up, it’s filled amongst the nearly delectable, oozy, creamy goodness. The within is form of reminiscent of a softer, more than moist ricotta? If that makes any sense. It’sec pure magic. And yous demand it inward your life if y'all’ve never tried it – like ASAP!

Overhead shot of a skillet of baked ziti with a spoon digging in

Close up shot of a skillet of baked pasta with a spoon digging in

For whatsoever argue, I feel like people associate baked pasta with being a lot of function. That is then non the example. This couldn’t be simpler in method, too inward ingredients. It’second a win all about!

Here’second how you lot make this baked ziti good:

  • Start off by rendering the pancetta as well as getting it all overnice and gilded and crispy – this serves equally the basis for the sauce, and the pancetta fatty is what we stop upwardly sautéing everything inwards! Set the pancetta aside to drain patch we brand the residuum of the sauce.

  • Add + return your sausage – I like to purpose a mixture of sweetness Italian as well as hot Italian volume sausage. The best of both worlds!

  • Add your onion in addition to garlic too sauté for a few minutes to educate the flavor.

  • Last only non to the lowest degree, add together your crushed tomatoes, spices, balsamic (the secret ingredient!), together with the pancetta dorsum into the pot. Let it simmer for 10 minutes about, together with add together a bunch of fresh basil!

  • If your skillet is big plenty and oven-rubber, add together your ziti (cooked to merely shy of al dente), burrata, as well as parm as well as stir to combine! If yous need to, transfer everything to a larger oven-safety baking dish!

  • To complete, superlative the ziti alongside an additional eight ounces of burrata, together with more parmesan cheese. Bake it for 25-30 minutes, and so broil for a few extra minutes to go everything nice together with gold & crispy!

  • Garnish amongst basil, as well as serve it upwards amongst extra fresh burrata (the best function!), parm, together with a tiny drizzle of extra virgin olive crude. Pure heaven.

You can besides function whatever your favorite curt-cutting pasta is. Penne, mostaccioli, or rigatoni would all live wonderful here.

Overhead shot of a bowl of baked ziti topped with burrata cheese

You tin can’t go wrong alongside a classic baked pasta, specially baked ziti. And any yous make, don’t skimp on the extra burrata on tiptop!

Super close up shot of baked ziti with basil leaves

This entire week full of pasta has been SO much fun. If you lot missed the final 2 pastas I shared this week, live sure to check them out!

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Don’t forget to share a photograph on Instagram in addition to tag me @spicesinmydna if y'all make this recipe! Nothing makes me happier than seeing what you create inward the kitchen!

Overhead close up shot of a bowl of burrata baked ziti with a fork in the bowl

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Burrata Baked Ziti

Burrata Baked Ziti is exactly what it sounds like. Baked pasta filled amongst gooey burrata cheese, garlicky tomato plant sauce, crispy pancetta, hot too sweetness sausage, in addition to lots of fresh basil. It'second everything you lot desire in a baked pasta - creamy, cheesy, savory, comforting, together with filled with all the best flavors. Perfect for cozy date-nights inwards, dinner guests, or when yous just desire to treat yourself to around really incredible comfort food!


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Prep Time ten minutes

Cook Time fifty minutes

Servings iv -six

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