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Butternut Squash Green Curry Rice Noodle Bowls

Butternut Squash Green Curry Rice Noodle Bowls are the ultimate salubrious comfort nutrient for busy weeknights. These bowls are filled alongside butternut squelch, crisp veggies, rice noodles, as well as a silky smooth kokosnoot milk green curry sauce. Lime juice, cilantro, too scallions brighten up this cozy dish as well as make it over-the-summit delicious!

Overhead close up shot of a vibrant vegetable green curry with chopsticks and a fork

Curry is 1 of those comfort nutrient recipes that’s then insanely slow in addition to incredibly delicious, as well as it always sounds proficient. To me, at least! You tin can never become wrong with a trivial total-fat kokosnoot milk (really of import – it makes for the richest, almost flavorful curry!), curry paste, lots of veggies, herbs, as well as NOODLES. And crispy tofu if that’sec your jam! Vegetable light-green curry is always on my bill of fare during the chillier months.

Overhead close up shot of a vibrant vegetable green curry

I’thousand all for autumn flavors – from pumpkin, to winter crush, to cinnamon, sage, maple, in addition to apples – but I wanted to brand a autumn recipe that wasn’t screaming autumn inwards your face up. You know? Even my fall-obsessed self needs the occasional pause from all that sometimes.

This vegetable green curry uses butternut squeeze for its trivial flake of fall inspo, merely the rich curry flavors make it exciting in addition to such a overnice alter from the typical flavors of the season.

Overhead shot of a cutting board with vegetables and limes

This curry is vegan, vegetarian, and veggie-packed. I added or so of my favorite crispy tofu on superlative (in addition to I’k including that recipe below also!), simply you could add any protein you dearest, or but exit it equally-is!

My favorite veg combo for this recipe is butternut squeeze (of course), sugar snap peas, broccoli, as well as bell peppers! You can sure enough purpose whatever veggies you take on mitt. Mushrooms and cauliflower would be delicious likewise!

Shot of a skillet filled with vegetable green curry and a wooden spoon

It’s pretty much a i pot wonder, which I’one thousand e'er in favor of, because doing dishes is something I’m always doing. The curry itself is i-pot, but if you lot’re making rice noodles to serve it over, or if y'all’re making the crispy tofu, it requires a tiny bit of extra prep too additional pots/pans. But very much worth it, if y'all take the fourth dimension!

For the curry, I role a green curry paste that I purchase at the store. It’sec 1 of those shortcuts that’s 100% worth it to me, as well as I discover that if I add approximately fresh garlic as well as ginger to whatsoever I’thousand making, it dresses it up in addition to makes the curry that much more flavorful.

This is the curry glue I use together with honey! I role the dark-green and red versions oftentimes, and I actually savour them both.

Overhead shot of a vibrant vegan vegetable green curry bowl

The curry itself is actually uncomplicated. It but requires close to chopping, and approximately simmer fourth dimension on the stove.

All y'all ask:

  • kokosnoot petroleum (for sautéing!)

  • freshly grated ginger (it actually amps upwardly the season in the curry paste together with makes this curry that much more than flavorful)

  • onion and garlic (what comfort nutrient recipe is consummate without them?!)

  • dark-green curry paste

  • butternut squelch (ane of my fave autumn squashes!)

  • bell pepper

  • snap peas

  • broccoli

  • total-fat kokosnoot milk (verrrry of import – y'all desire the richness that total-fatty offers – I find that the “low-cal” kokosnoot milk never tastes every bit skillful because it’s filled with more water in addition to less coconut cream)

  • vegetable broth

  • lime juice (brightens everything upward!)

  • cilantro together with scallions (pass on me all the herbs & garnishes, e'er)

  • rice noodles for serving (you lot could too sub regular rice, or role vegetable noodles or cauliflower rice for lower carb!)

  • my fave crispy tofu for a picayune protein! (I’one thousand including this recipe below too)

It power appear similar a long list, just it’sec mostly veggies in addition to aromatics. You tin can make this vegetable greenish curry as uncomplicated or as dolled-upwards every bit y'all desire!

Super close up shot of a vegan vegetable green curry with scallions and butternut squash

The butternut crush gets super soft as well as soaks upwardly all of those beautiful curry flavors. It’second pretty wonderful. Some of the pieces kickoff to intermission down too melt into the curry – making it even thicker.

IT’due south SO GOOD!

Overhead close up shot of a vibrant veggie filled noodle bowl

This also re-heats actually good, if yous desire to repast-prep it for go lunches or just to take dinner at-the-ready all week! If you’re storing it inwards the fridge, be certain to shop the noodles separately, or else they will soak up allll of that kokosnoot milk curry in addition to in that location won’t live whatsoever juice left. Still delicious, merely it becomes more than of a noodle dish if yous do that!

This withal tasted really delicious vi days afterwards I made it, which is e'er a win.

I nevertheless added a spritz of lime as well as just about extra cilantro too scallions to brighten it upward, just it was every bit every bit delicious.

Close up shot of a vibrant veggie filled noodle bowl

The crispy tofu inwards this recipe is phenomenal, simply it would live amazing alongside or so shrimp, scallops, or even chicken! To proceed it vegan/vegetarian, together with cut downwardly on prep yous could add together more or less chickpeas too telephone call it a solar day! Or, don’t add together whatsoever poly peptide at all!

You really tin can’t mess up this bowl of goodness.

Overhead close up shot of a vibrant veggie filled noodle bowl with chopsticks and a fork

Fall comfort nutrient magic.


Butternut Squash Green Curry Rice Noodle Bowls

Butternut Squash Green Curry Rice Noodle Bowls are the ultimate good for you comfort food for busy weeknights. These bowls are filled amongst butternut crush, crisp veggies, rice noodles, in addition to a silky smooth coconut milk light-green curry sauce. Lime juice, cilantro, and scallions brighten upwards this cozy dish and make it over-the-tiptop delicious!


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