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Chicken Provencal Skillet

This Chicken Provencal Skillet is a uncomplicated, even so incredibly flavorful 30-infinitesimal meal, perfect for weeknight dinners! It’second wonderfully bright, herbaceous, as well as savory, as well as it’second filled alongside and so many expert things: shallots, garlic, reddish tomatoes, olives, white wine, lemon, in addition to plenty of fresh herbs. It’s keen served over couscous, rice, pasta, potatoes, or with a large salad! Be certain to function extra crusty bread for soaking upwards all of the delicious sauce.

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Overhead shot of a skillet filled with chicken, tomatoes, olives, herbs, and lemon

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for new ways to brand chicken & weeknight dinners more than exciting. Especially these days, when yous’re spending more than fourth dimension inwards the kitchen than likely ever. These are, without a dubiety, super tough times. But, having more fourth dimension to cook too to be creative inwards the kitchen, I intend is the little silvery lining in a globe that seems a little also scary in addition to uncertain. Enter, this insanely delicious chicken provencal skillet!

Overhead shot of a chicken provencal skillet

For starters, this chicken provencal could non be simpler. I know yous’re in all likelihood thinking “That sounds super fancy.” But I hope you lot, it’sec and then slow, then flavorful, too only takes nigh xxx minutes!

And, it uses generally pantry staples, which I know all of us tin purpose right like a shot!

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Shot of golden brown seared chicken thighs in a skillet

Before I go on whatever more most how much I honey this meal, let me order yous almost this absolutely stunning Demeyere Essential5 cookware from my friends at Sur La Table.

I’one thousand usually a kick the bucket-hard form iron variety of person, just this stainless steel cookware has rapidly become a favorite inward the Spices in My DNA family. It’second lightweight only still super durable, oven rubber up to 500℉, as well as the pans accept a completely apartment base to ensure fifty-fifty heating in addition to browning across the entire bottom of the pan – which I’k sure y'all can see from the color on this chicken! The sear I’1000 able to go alongside this pan is unreal.

And I honey the saucepan just as much! I’ve been using it nearly daily for everything from couscous, to quinoa, to rice, to pasta, as well as for quick sauces likewise! It’second past far my favorite saucepan, always.

With everyone cooking at abode more than oftentimes, I’ve establish that friends as well as family take been reaching out to me for recommendations, realizing their cookware isn’t quite upwardly for the challenge of cooking 2-iii meals a mean solar day!

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Overhead shot of a skillet with chicken thighs, tomatoes, olives, and herbs

This chicken provencal skillet is everything yous want inward a weeknight dinner.

It’second made inward ONE pan, together with requires only a handful of ingredients (generally pantry/freezer staples!). It’second crazy flavorful, super customizable, in addition to it’sec the sort of meal you volition want to swallow with a big slice of crusty bread. Which to me, are the best variety of meals.

It’sec likewise seemingly fancy, which is e'er fun. Makes an average weeknight that much more special. If yous’re wondering what makes this chicken “provencal,” it’sec basically but a fancy mode of saying this is a French-inspired dish!

This chicken dish is filled with garlic, shallots, white vino, a niggling butter, olives, cerise tomatoes, lemon, as well as enough of fresh herbs. I dearest serving it over couscous, orzo, or potatoes, in addition to you guessed it, alongside freshly baked crusty breadstuff! If you lot tin can detect yeast (I know that virtually stores are having a hard fourth dimension keeping it inwards stock!), I highly propose making your own – it’s SO tardily as well as ridiculously skilful. Freshly baked, warm breadstuff alongside salted butter is simply i of life’s picayune unproblematic pleasures, y'all know?

Overhead close up shot of a saucepan filled with couscous and a wooden spoon Close up shot of a skillet filled with chicken, tomatoes, olives, herbs, and lemon

Here’second a quick rundown of how yous brand this chicken provencal!

  • First, sear your chicken thighs. I like to function boneless, skinless thighs, because they have still take a ton of flavor, and yous don’t accept to bargain with the pare or bones. If you lot prefer breasts, feel complimentary to swap them out! You may just have to suit cooking time slightly depending on their size.

  • Sauté your garlic together with shallots in all of those lovely brownish bits. So much flavor!

  • Deglaze alongside a footling white wine. I similar to role something on the drier side, like a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. At this bespeak, I add a knob of butter also!

  • Add your chicken dorsum into the skillet. Along amongst the residue of the ingredients! Cherry tomatoes, olives, rosemary, together with thyme.

  • Throw your skillet into the oven as well as bake for fifteen minutes! And that’sec it!

  • Garnish alongside lemon wedges, flat-foliage parsley, and serve amongst couscous together with crusty bread. Voila! That’sec dinner.

It could not live easier, as well as everyone’second gotta dear a 1-pan meal.

If you’re iffy virtually olives, I beg you to try Castelvetrano olives, even though Nicoise olives are more traditional for this type of French dish. Full transparency, I’1000 not an olive lover. Here, I used a mix of Castelvetrano olives as well as Nicoise olives for the best of both worlds. I chat more almost my beloved for Castelvetrano’second hither. You MUST try them if you’re an olive skeptic like myself. They are and so mild as well as and then buttery. Amazing!

Overhead shot of a skillet filled with chicken, tomatoes, olives, herbs, and lemon

As far equally substitutions, swaps, and pantry staples become, this chicken provencal is rattling forgiving.

  • Chicken: I like to use boneless skinless thighs, just experience costless to function chicken breasts, or os-inward, skin-on thighs. Whatever you lot accept on mitt is totally fine! You volition simply accept to adapt cooking time accordingly.

  • Shallot: You can totally role one/4 loving cup about of diced yellowish or carmine onion if y'all don’t have shallots on mitt!

  • White wine: If you don’t have any, or don’t want to role vino, you tin can sub for chicken stock or H2O. It won’t be equally expert or equally flavorful, but it’ll work only fine.

  • Cherry tomatoes: You can sub canned, diced tomatoes here. Go for burn down roasted if you lot want even more than flavor.

  • Olives: Olive lovers volition in all probability have these inward their pantry, too feel complimentary to function whatever olive variety that yous honey. If y'all don’t accept them, but omit! You could role a tablespoon or ii of capers inwards their place, or one/4 loving cup of chopped sun-dried tomatoes for roughly extra flavour.

  • Fresh rosemary too thyme: If you don’t accept access to fresh herbs, y'all can function dried here. one/2 teaspoon of each, or to gustation, will go!

  • Lemon: If you lot don’t have whatever lemons, add a teaspoon or ii of white vino vinegar or balsamic vinegar into the skillet earlier baking for a trivial acidity.

  • Flat-leafage parsley: If you lot don’t have any, feel gratis to complete this dish amongst whatsoever fresh herbs y'all take on mitt. Basil would be delicious hither.

  • Couscous: Feel gratuitous to sub couscous for your favorite pasta, orzo, rice, or potatoes. Or, serve this chicken alongside a large salad!

  • Crusty bread: Well, I simply experience sad for you lot if you lot don’t have whatsoever. 🙂

Overhead shot of chicken, tomatoes, herbs, olives, lemon, and couscous on a plate

The chicken is SO juicy, SO flavorful, too the tomatoes outburst too become and then sweetness in the oven. The thyme in addition to rosemary really infuse into the sauce, as well as the shower of fresh herbs in addition to crush of vivid lemon really brand this dish. The olives turn over that briny saltiness, in addition to the white wine, shallots, as well as garlic give it that savory depth. I could become on together with on, but yous just ask to make this chicken.

Overhead close up shot of a skillet filled with chicken, tomatoes, olives, herbs, and lemon

In this world of dubiety and stress, I hope that making this comforting weeknight dinner tin can supply you a lilliputian escape together with a niggling chip of joy.

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Nothing fills me upwards more than than seeing what you lot guys make inwards the kitchen.

Overhead shot of a skillet filled with chicken, tomatoes, olives, herbs, and lemon


Chicken Provencal Skillet

This Chicken Provencal Skillet is a elementary, nevertheless incredibly flavorful thirty-infinitesimal meal, perfect for weeknight dinners or for entertaining guests! It'second wonderfully brilliant, herbaceous, as well as savory, as well as it'second filled with and then many skillful things: shallots, garlic, cerise tomatoes, olives, white vino, lemon, in addition to enough of fresh herbs.


Chicken, Dinner, Main, Main Course


French, Gluten Free, Low Carb


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Prep Time 10 minutes

Cook Time 25 minutes

Servings 4

Author Molly