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Easy Beef Stew from Scratch

Easy Beef Stew is a classic meal that’s filling, comforting, as well as perfect for a chilly 24-hour interval. Beef, potatoes, carrots together with onions are coated inward a flavorful sauce. The entire dish comes together on the stove height in a single stock pot.

Easy Beef Stew From Scratch - The Toasty KitchenIf yous’re looking for a comforting, uncomplicated, notwithstanding flavorful meal, at that place’s aught improve than a warm bowl of beef stew.

This tardily beef stew is simple, using easy to find ingredients. And however, the flavour is astounding. It volition go a fast favorite in your winter recipe collection.

Beef, carrots, together with potatoes are cooked inwards a flavorful beef sauce that’second filled alongside flavor. Plus, this repast is made alone inwards a single pan on the stove top. This dish takes a few hours to cook, and so it’sec ideal for a weekend dinner. 


For this recipe, y'all’ll postulate stew nitty-gritty, onions, beef broth, olive fossil oil, tomato plant glue, potatoes, table salt, pepper, worcestershire sauce, garlic, and carrots. 

Sliced carrots tin can be substituted with baby carrots.

Any potatoes tin be used – russet potatoes or yukon gilt potatoes are both bang-up choices. If desired, yous tin can as well omit the potatoes from the recipe in addition to serve your beef together with carrots over mashed potatoes or egg noodles instead. 

Easy Beef Stew From Scratch - The Toasty KitchenMeat for beef stew

Stew inwardness is pre-cubed beef that’s packaged by the grocery store, intended for stewing.

The downside to stew substance is that you don’t know exactly what cuts of sum are in at that place. It could be a combination of dissimilar cuts that each have dissimilar ‘ideal’ preparations.

The upside – It’second quick and slowly to take hold of for a weeknight repast, together with normally inexpensive.

If yous’d like to cube your own beef for stew, I’d propose using a boneless chuck roast. Simply slice into bite size cubes in addition to yous’re fix to become.

Easy Beef Stew From Scratch - The Toasty KitchenSearing your beef

There is one of import step inwards this recipe that shouldn’t be skipped. Searing your beef. Searing gives your beef a night chocolate-brown too caramelized crust that adds extra flavour and depth to your stew.

Make sure non to crowd the pan with also much beef, or it won’t sear properly. Brown half of your beef at a time if needed.


Parsley sprinkled on top of a bowl of beef stew.

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Easy Beef Stew From Scratch

Easy Beef Stew is a classic repast that'sec filling, comforting, together with perfect for a chilly 24-hour interval. Beef, potatoes, carrots together with onions are coated inward a flavorful sauce. The entire dish comes together on the stove peak inwards a unmarried stock pot.

Prep Timeten minutes
Cook Time1 hour thirty minutes
Total Time1 60 minutes 40 minutes

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: beef stew

Servings: four servings

Calories: 418kcal

Author: Heather


  • xvi ounces stew pith or cubed boneless chuck roast
  • i/two teaspoon salt
  • ane/iv teaspoon pepper
  • ii tablespoons olive petroleum divided
  • one modest onion diced
  • 2 garlic cloves minced
  • 3 ounces love apple glue
  • iv cups beef broth
  • one tablespoon worcestershire sauce
  • two pounds potatoes peeled too cubed
  • three carrots peeled and sliced
  • ane tablespoon fresh parsley chopped


  • Season beef amongst salt together with pepper. In a stock pot over medium-high heat, add together i tablespoon of olive oil. Once heated, add cubed stew meat. Sear on all sides. If needed, sear kernel in 2 batches - make not overcrowd the pan. Remove beef and gear up aside. 
  • Reduce rut to medium. Add i tablespoon of olive fossil oil to stock pot. Add diced onion together with make for ii minutes. Add garlic and make for i additional minute. Add love apple paste as well as stir to coat onions and garlic. Then, add beef broth and worchestershire sauce. Using a whisk, scrape the bottom of the pan to deglaze too comprise into broth. 
  • Add beef back to pot. Bring to a boil. Cover, trim down oestrus to low, and simmer for hr (or until beef is tender). 
  • Add cubed potatoes and carrots. Cover together with simmer for another twenty-25 minutes, or until potatoes in addition to carrots tin can easily be pierced amongst a fork. 
  • Uncover in addition to take from oestrus. If y'all'd like a thinner stew, add more beef broth every bit desired. Top with fresh parsley too serve immediately. 


Chef's Knife
Stock Pot
Cutting Board
Measuring Spoons


  • Beef can be cooked for longer than hour if using a tough cutting of beef. Beef volition keep to go more tender the longer it cooks.

  • Potatoes can live omitted from recipe as well as beef stew tin live served over mashed potatoes instead. 

  • Sliced carrots tin live substituted alongside babe carrots.


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