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Gift Guide – 10 Gifts For Bakers

Looking for gift ideas for bakers? I’ve selected a few of my favorite items from my own kitchen, along alongside reader favorites from their ain kitchens. Keep reading for ideas on gifts for bakers in your life – at a multifariousness of toll points.

ollage of kitchen appliances and ingredients.

Have a nifty gift idea to add together to the list? Leave a comment below in addition to I volition take a wait!  


A Kitchenaid Hand Mixer makes a fantastic gift for bakers. This model comes amongst beaters, a whisk as well as dough hooks. I dearest my kitchenaid hand mixer because it has a “soft commencement” feature. This brings your mixer upward to speed tardily, which prevents splattering. Retails about $100.

Kitchenaid besides makes beautiful stand mixers that normally concluding from fifteen to 30 years. Make big batches of cookies or staff of life dough amongst rest. Retails $200-400 depending on model and features.

Cookie and Batter Scoops

If you’ve read whatsoever of my cookie recipes, y'all know that I accept serious honey for these OXO cookie scoops. They come inwards modest, medium, in addition to large sizes.

I like to purpose the pocket-size scoop for modest cookies similar Peanut Butter Blossoms.

The medium cookie scoop is perfect for whatsoever criterion sized cookie (similar my Butter Pecan Cookies).

The big scoop is perfect for portioning cupcake batter or mini cheesecakes. Each scoop retails around $12-sixteen.

Baking Dishes

Emile Henry makes beautiful baking dishes, like this ix″ Pie Dish in Blue (too other colors). For roughly argue, I never want to splurge on beautiful baking dishes for myself, which is why I mean it makes the perfect gift. Retails around $forty-fifty.

Emile Henry likewise makes a beautiful ruffled loaf pan inward ruddy. I alone take the pie pan and so far, just this loaf pan is on my want listing! Retails around $xl-50.

Kitchen Towels

Kitchen towels? Okay, take heed me out. They may seem too ordinary to turn over equally a gift. But equally a baker, I am oft finding that my towels are worn out and need replacing. Plus, have a expect at this quirky Set of iii Kitchen Towels. Cute, right? Retails about $ten-fifteen.

Or, go a step farther in addition to become a personalized kitchen towel for your favorite bakery. Retails around $fifteen-xx.

Fancy Vanilla Extracts

Quality ingredients can live expensive. How almost treating your favorite baker to a high lineament bottle of vanilla or almond extract? I’d honey to get a bottle of Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Extract inwards my stocking. Retails between $fifteen-25.

Measurement Conversion Charts


I’one thousand loving these decorative measuring conversion charts. Available inward white wood in addition to chalkboard. First of all, they’re super helpful when halving or doubling a recipe.

Second, they brand a cute kitchen decoration! Hang on the wall or thin against your backsplash. Retails betwixt $twenty-xxx.

Digital Scales


Digital scales are surprisingly inexpensive present. They’re peculiarly helpful if yous’d like to delve deeper into baking too want to accurately measure your ingredients, similar flour.

This scale in grayness retails betwixt $nine-12 too this stainless steel scale amongst bowl retails betwixt $fifteen-25.

Cake in addition to Cupcake Decorating Kits


There are tons of huge decorating kits available out there. I’one thousand going to be honest amongst you. They include way also many piffling pieces, more than y'all’re always to likely purpose.

My favorite cupcake decorating kit includes 12 pieces and comes inward a pocket-sized box. I’d brace it amongst a big tip coupler, extra decorating bags, summation more or less sprinkles or nutrient colouring for a complete gift. Retails betwixt $five-ten.

This cake decorating kit includes the basics: 12 decorating tips, spatulas, decorating bags, together with smoothing tools. Plus, a revolving cake turntable. Perfect for a beginner cake decorator. Retails betwixt $15-xx.

Food Processors


You may think food processors are only for savory nutrient, but I role mine all the fourth dimension for baking. 

I similar to role my Cuisinart mini prep food processor to make a single pie crust, similar for my Easy Pecan Pie, or to grind almonds for Vanilla Crescent Cookies. Plus, it’second pocket-sized too slowly to stow away inward the cabinet. Retails between $35-45. 

Looking for something more than substantial? Try the Cuisinart nine loving cup nutrient processor. Grate cheese, chop vegetables, together with more than. Large enough to make ii pie crusts straight off, or role for dinner. Retails betwixt $120-140.

Pie Baking Accessories


Does your favorite bakery similar to bake pies? Consider gifting close to pie weights. They’re used to forestall your crust from shrinking away from the sides or ascension unevenly, when baking without a filling. Great when making cream pies. Retails between $5-ten.

Or, how almost gifting ane of these adorable Le Creuset Pie Birds. I take one in blue. Even though I don’t bake many pies, he makes an adorable kitchen ornamentation. Retails between $ten-xx.

Share Your Gifts For Bakers Ideas

I promise yous’ve establish roughly bang-up ideas inward my gift lead for gifts for bakers. If you found a smashing gift idea hither, permit us know inwards the comments below! 

Also feel costless to part your own favorite gift ideas for bakers. We may portion or add together them to our list inwards the futurity!

Gift Guide: 10 Gift Ideas For Bakers by The Toasty Kitchen