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Gluten Free Margherita Pizza

This Gluten Free Margherita Pizza is completely foolproof, amongst the easiest & virtually delicious gluten-gratis pizza dough recipe. It’s thin, crispy on the bottom, together with perfectly chewy. It gets topped alongside a quick homemade love apple-basil marinara sauce, plenty of fresh mozzarella, parmesan cheese, too lots of fresh basil!

(This postal service is sponsored past Bob’second Red Mill. Thank y'all SO much for reading in addition to supporting the brands I dear!)

Overhead shot of a margherita pizza

Although I honey a expert, high-maintenance, topping-filled pizza piled high alongside prosciutto, wood-fired mushrooms, Sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, truffle crude oil, too balsamic glaze, sometimes, there’second nix quite like the classic. A margherita pizza! A perfectly simple marinara, fresh mozzarella, parm, in addition to basil brand this pizza especial – this is the perfect case of times when the simplest things are the best. Plus, it’sec gluten-gratis!

Overhead shot of a pizza cut into slices with fresh basil

I’thousand not personally gluten-gratuitous, merely a number of people in my life are, and I likewise dear experimenting as well as playing about alongside choice flours. It’sec simply fun! I savor the challenge, in addition to I actually find so much joy in cooking for other people, together with I similar having options for everyone! Hence, I got to work on this gluten-free pizza dough, which I actually LOVE.

As a gluten-loving, carb-obsessed mortal, I’m ever semi-skeptical of gluten-complimentary breads in addition to baked goods, merely this crust is everything I want inward a thinner crust pizza dough.

Overhead shot of a bag of flour surrounded by slices of pizza

It’second perfectly sparse, crispy, as well as chewy, and it stands upward beautifully to a thick layer of garlicky tomato plant-basil sauce, lots of fresh mozzarella, parmesan cheese, and fresh basil leaves!

And, it’second made with my favorite EVER gluten-gratis all-use flour: Bob’second Red Mill Gluten Free ane-to-1 Baking Flour.

This flour is made alongside a blend of white rice flour, dark-brown rice flour, potato starch, sorghum flour, tapioca flour, too xantham gum. This detail blend is and so overnice, because you lot don’t take to add together anything else to it. It subs perfectly inwards recipes where you’d purpose wheat flour or any kind of all-role flour. And in this instance, it industrial plant great for pizza dough.

I’ve had a lot of success using it in muffins in addition to cookies, also! Even if you lot’re non gluten-sensitive, it’second nonetheless such a fun flour to function too experiment amongst in your kitchen!

This dough solely requires the Bob’sec Red Mill Gluten Free i-to-i Baking Flour, warm water, yeast, honey, an egg, table salt, together with olive crude. Super uncomplicated! No extra tough-to-find ingredients similar dissimilar gums as well as starches. It’second all already inward the flour, prepare to purpose.

Close up shot of a saucepan filled with tomato-basil marinara

We’re making this pizza completely from scratch, merely the steps could non live simpler!

After we prep the gluten-gratuitous pizza dough, the simplest garlicky Lycopersicon esculentum basil marinara is upwards next!

All you involve: olive oil, garlic, ruby pepper flakes, crushed tomatoes, table salt, pepper, together with basil. It simmers for a quick xv minutes, as well as it makes a trivial extra and then yous tin can function it in other recipes throughout the calendar week! Or lets live existent, some other pizza. 🙂

Overhead shot of gluten free pizza dough crust, sauce, and cheese on a stone

Overhead shot of a pizza on a stone

Since this gluten gratis pizza dough is on the frail side earlier it’second cooked, I discover the easiest style to scroll it out, is straight on your pizza stone (if y'all take i!), or baking canvass!

The other crucial part to making the crust equally crispy as possible, is to par-bake it. Before adding the toppings, I like to bake it for xv minutes, and so that the bottom gets crispy, in addition to the elevation starts to get golden-brown. This pace creates a barrier between the crust together with the sauce and to forestall any sogginess. It is crucial – and so don’t skip the par-bake footstep!

After the crust gets baked for fifteen minutes, nosotros add the marinara, mozzarella, together with parm, in addition to it heads back into the oven for another 12-15 minutes. Until the cheese is perfectly golden too bubbly, too the crust is perfectly crispy too gold! Don’t be alarmed if your crust cracks slightly on peak, or on the crust – that’second totally normal in addition to to live expected!

Overhead shot of a pizza cut into slices with a pizza cutter next to it

Here’sec a quick work-down of precisely how you make this gluten-gratuitous margherita pizza from offset to finish!

  • Prep your dough. Start by proofing the yeast (only a fancy fashion of proverb combining the yeast with warm water in addition to dear for ten minutes to activate it!). Once it has proofed, add your Gluten Free 1-to-ane Baking Flour, table salt, egg, in addition to olive petroleum together with mix until combined. Cover the bowl amongst a kitchen towel too permit it “rising” for an hour. (It won’t ascension real much at all, just the dough will take a little scrap more “give” to it).

  • In the meantime, brand your Lycopersicon esculentum-basil marinara. Start past sautéing a adept total of garlic (too red pepper flakes if you lot’d like!) inwards olive crude oil. Add your crushed tomatoes, salt, and pepper. Cover it too let it simmer for 15 minutes, then stir inwards a handful of fresh basil. Done!

  • Roll out + par-bake your dough. The easiest fashion to make this past far is to scroll it out directly on your pizza stone or baking sheet. The dough is fragile earlier it’second cooked, so it’second tough to coil out on the countertop together with transfer it to a rock or baking canvas. So, save yourself the hassle together with roll out/class your dough direct on your baking vessel. You desire it to live nigh ane/four” thick! Par-bake the dough for fifteen minutes – this volition ensure a super crispy bottom too will foreclose any sogginess! Again, don’t be alarmed if the dough cracks on meridian or on the crust – totally normal!

  • After the crust has par-baked, add together your toppings! A generous layer of the Lycopersicon esculentum-basil marinara, fresh mozzarella, in addition to grated parmesan. Bake it for an additional 12-xv minutes or until it is perfectly aureate!

  • The final pace: permit it cool for a few minutes, and then complete with extra grated parm, in addition to plenty of fresh basil leaves. Cut into slices, too relish!

I besides relish finishing it alongside or so ruby-red pepper flakes, dried oregano, together with flaky table salt, simply that’second only me! You tin add together whatever “extras” you lot similar to this pizza!

Overhead shot of a pizza cut into slices with a pizza cutter next to it

The consequence is a sparse, crispy, simply non cracker-like pizza, in addition to having the homemade simple Lycopersicon esculentum-basil marinara actually makes it! And the fresh basil, plain. I am so excited that we’re approaching basil flavour – I dear it SO much!

This pizza serves ii-iii, just for more reasonable people, you could in all likelihood serve four. Especially if yous brand a big salad to accept amongst!

Overhead shot of slices of pizza with gluten free pizza dough and a bag of flour next to them

The other not bad matter about it – it reheats actually good.

If in that location’second any leftover, that is! I like to reheat it inward the oven (preferably on a pizza rock!) to keep it every bit crispy every bit possible.

And if you lot’re similar me, too always desire a trivial light-green with your meals, these salads would be awesome to serve alongside this pizza!

Green Bean Fennel Farro Salad (y'all could sub quinoa to go along gf!)

Arugula Farro Salad alongside Roasted Tomatoes, Eggplant, and Smoked Mozzarella (you lot could sub quinoa to go on gf hither also)

Lemony Farro Arugula Salad (tin you lot say how much I beloved farro?! yous could sub quinoa or fifty-fifty brownish rice inward this i as well)

Roasted Cauliflower Kale Salad alongside Dried Cherries, Walnuts, as well as Feta

Chopped Greek Quinoa Salad amongst Pita Chip Croutons (you could omit the pita chips or sub for gf version to continue gf!)

Overhead close up shot of a gluten free pizza cut into slices with fresh basil

Don’t forget to portion a photograph on Instagram in addition to tag me @spicesinmydna if yous brand this recipe! Nothing makes me happier than seeing what you make inwards the kitchen!

Overhead shot of a margherita pizza


Gluten Free Margherita Pizza

This Gluten Free Margherita Pizza is completely foolproof, with the easiest & about delicious gluten-gratuitous pizza dough recipe. It'second, thin, crispy on the bottom, in addition to perfectly chewy. It gets topped alongside a quick homemade love apple-basil marinara sauce, enough of fresh mozzarella, parmesan cheese, too lots of fresh basil!


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Prep Time 15 minutes

Cook Time xxx minutes

Resting Time one 60 minutes

Servings ii -3

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