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Healthy Monster Cookies

These Healthy Monster Cookies are completely flourless and they’re filled amongst lots of nutrients in addition to superfoods! Oats, peanut butter, earth flaxseed, hemp hearts, together with cinnamon add all sorts of goodness to this recipe & they brand upwards the volume of this incredible cookie. They’re a completely acceptable anytime snack – fifty-fifty for breakfast! They’re best served slightly under-baked as well as finished with a generous sprinkle of flaky ocean table salt!

(This post is sponsored past Bob’second Red Mill. Thank yous SO much for reading as well as supporting the brands I beloved!)

Overhead close up shot of a pink bowl filled with monster cookies

There’sec null similar a pile of warm, salty, chocolatey, peanut buttery, texture-filled monster cookies. Especially when said cookie is filled amongst things similar ground flaxseed, hemp hearts, oats, and nighttime chocolate, then it’second automatically acceptable to swallow for breakfast. Right? The best kind of cookies. This 1 is my version of a healthy monster cookie – it’sec totally flourless and every bit every bit expert equally the existent bargain. This is the form of cookie I tin can consume all twenty-four hour period, whatever time of solar day, no affair what!

Overhead close up shot of a bowl of cookies filled with colorful candy coated chocolate pieces

These monster cookies are as well never a cookie yous’d never know was “salubrious” unless I told y'all. They’re every fleck equally practiced (mayhap even improve?!) than a regular cookie that’second filled with flour, in addition to lots more than butter together with sugar. Since I don’t intend y'all tin actually accept an *especial* baked adept without butter and carbohydrate, we’re using a petty flake of each here. Not a ton, merely a fiddling melted butter too dark-brown saccharide to make these cookies gustation really darn expert.

I know yous’re with me.

Overhead shot of a bag of oats

Most of the construction inward these cookies comes from Bob’s Red Mill Organic Gluten Free Oats (my favorite oats to role for all things baking, breakfast, in addition to snacks in my kitchen!), natural creamy peanut butter (as well as lots of it), in addition to eggs.

Bob’sec oats in addition to their products inward general are such high quality, I ever keep a stocked pantry of and then many of their flours for all of my baking needs. I’m non personally gluten complimentary, just a issue of people inwards my life are, so I go on this diversity on paw for that reason! And inward instance yous didn’t know, all oats are naturally gluten gratuitous – these oats are simply processed inwards a facility without wheat and so there’second no chance of contamination.

Super close up shot of peanuts, colorful candy coated chocolate pieces, and chocolate chips

If yous’re like, “what the heck is a monster cookie?!” – allow me order yous.

Monster cookies are basically a peanut butter oatmeal cookie filled amongst chocolate chips, candy coated chocolate pieces, in addition to whatever other mix-inwards’second yous dearest.

In this case, I like to add together earth flaxseed, hemp hearts, chopped peanuts, in addition to a piddling flake of cinnamon inwards addition to the nighttime chocolate chips as well as candy coated chocolate gems for a niggling superfood boost of healthy fats + fiber!

The flax together with hemp seeds add together a lilliputian fleck of nutty texture likewise – which I beloved!

Overhead close up shot of a bowl of cookie dough Overhead close up shot of cookie dough balls on a baking sheet

If y'all’re non a peanut butter somebody (non sure how this is fifty-fifty possible), or if you lot have an allergy, yous can totally role whatsoever nut butter too chopped nuts inwards place of the peanuts. If you lot wanted to become nut-complimentary, you lot could do sunflower butter + sunflower seeds instead! Almond butter + almonds, likewise equally cashew butter + cashews would both be awesome subs. As long equally your nut butter is the drippy, natural kind, these cookies volition function!

And the other best function of this recipe, is that they almost come up together inward one bowl – no stand mixer or paw mixer required!

Just a couple of bowls in addition to a condom spatula or wooden spoon is all you lot take.

Close up shot of a bowl of monster cookies with a bite taken out on top

To interruption downwardly simply how slow these monster cookies are to make, hither’second how y'all do it!

    • Begin past whisking upwards your dry out ingredients. Oats, hemp hearts, ground flaxseed, baking soda, common salt, and cinnamon.

    • Whisk together your wet ingredients. Melted butter (make sure it’s cooled slightly and then that it doesn’t ready your eggs!), chocolate-brown sugar, vanilla, creamy peanut butter (the natural, drippy variety!), as well as eggs.

    • Next, flexure your dry ingredients into your moisture. No take to make it gradually, or amongst a mixer of whatever sort. Just stir it upward alongside a safety spatula!

    • Lastly, bend inward your mix-ins! The best office, inwards my humble thought. I similar to function nighttime chocolate chips, candy coated chocolate pieces, in addition to roasted salted chopped peanuts.

    • Use a cookie scoop to scoop your dough balls onto a parchment-lined or silpat-lined baking canvas, in addition to sprinkle them amongst flaky body of water salt. Because what cookie is consummate without it?!

    • Bake them for 12-14 minutes, no more than! You want them to live slightly underbaked.

    • Finish them alongside more flaky table salt (because why not), and let them cool for a couple minutes earlier enjoying warm.

These cookies are perfectly chewy, filled with peanut butter season, the perfect total of chocolate, merely plenty texture from the chopped peanuts together with hemp hearts, simply plenty caramelly sweetness from the brownish saccharide, AND they’re salty + sweet inwards the best style.

Overhead shot of cookies and a bag of oats

These monster cookies go on really well inward a sealed container for several days. I’ve found that they don’t really dry out because in that location’s and then much wet from the peanut butter too dark-brown saccharide. So, they’re a swell matter to brand on Sun in addition to bask all week! Or honestly, to whip upward any time because they are SO incredibly tardily in addition to then incredibly GOOD.

For all of y'all cookie-freezers out there, these cookie dough balls freeze actually good besides. The actual baked cookies themselves freeze wonderfully likewise, because they’re and then hearty!

Basically, they’re all-about perfect.

Especially for chocolate-peanut-butter-lovers like myself.

Close up shot of a pile of monster cookies with a bite taken out on top

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Don’t forget to percentage a photograph on Instagram in addition to tag me @spicesinmydna if you lot make this recipe! Nothing makes me happier than seeing what you make in the kitchen!

Overhead close up shot of a pink bowl filled with monster cookies

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Healthy Monster Cookies

These Healthy Monster Cookies are completely flourless together with they're filled amongst lots of nutrients in addition to superfoods! Oats, peanut butter, earth flaxseed, hemp hearts, too cinnamon add all sorts of good to this recipe & they make upward the bulk of this incredible cookie. They're a completely acceptable anytime snack - fifty-fifty for breakfast! They're best served slightly nether-baked too finished amongst a generous sprinkle of flaky bounding main salt!


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Prep Time fifteen minutes

Cook Time fifteen minutes

Servings 18 cookies

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