Sunday, May 31, 2020

My Top Adult Beverage Picks for Summer!

I’1000 sharing My Top Adult Beverage Picks For Summer! From rosé, to summertime beers, to hard seltzer, and a few canned wines besides! It was then hard to narrow downwardly my favorites – at that place’sec genuinely something for everyone here in addition to I go inwards depth alongside tasting notes for each! It volition salvage y'all or so fourth dimension at the liquor shop & I hope take or so stress out of entertaining this summer!

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It’sec in conclusion Fri too I’1000 sharing ALL of my favorite summertime adult beverages to savour this summer! From rosé, to summertime beers (my personal fave), to the difficult seltzers that are all the rage these days. And approximately canned wines besides to tiptop it all off!

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I wanted to make a resources to aid y'all guys this summertime at the liquor shop, because I frequently desire to attempt a new craft beer or bottle of wine, and I ofttimes desire trusted feedback almost how it is! It tin can definitely live intimidating in addition to you don’t e'er want to purchase a multifariousness pack of these beers in addition to seltzers, without knowing what they sense of taste similar!

I’ve personally sense of taste tested all of these, too I’thousand giving y'all my tasting notes for all of them! I promise this helps in your bespeak to detect your favorite summer bevs, together with I promise it helps you figure out what to purchase for your summer go-togethers!

So allow’sec become to it!

Starting with ROSÉ!

Shot of bottles of rosé with flowers in the background


These 5 rosés are super agreeable, too slowly drinking. Here’sec a work downwards:

Charles & Charles Rosé: I accept to say, this 1 initially got me because of the pretty bottle. It’sec initially acidic, just then super smooth. It has berry notes, in addition to it’second actually lite. Perfect for a super hot twenty-four hours if yous want something calorie-free together with refreshing. If I had to select, it’s likely my to the lowest degree favorite of the bunch.

Chloe: This one is drier, super crisp, balanced, in addition to smooth. I got a lot of tropical too melon notes, which I loved. Probably my #2 option!

Diving into Hampton Water: It’second super lite, fresh, too fruity, without being sugariness. This i is a super agreeable vino. It’s on the pricier stop of these wines, simply I tried to rest nether $xv-twenty. This 1 is a petty over, simply really very skilful!

Azul y Garanza Garnacha Rosé: This one is my FAVE. Garnacha is e'er my favorite varietal, whether it’s a Spanish carmine wine or a rosé. I knew I’d beloved this i, as well as I was right. It’sec SO practiced. And it comes inward a liter bottle, which is awesome! It has a beautiful olfactory organ, and I got a lot of juicy, blood orange in addition to berry notes. Absolutely dear it.

Joel Gott Rosé: I like this ane a lot also. It’second more than on the acidic side, just super refreshing. I’d draw it as make clean, and it has a lot of dandy notes.

Colorful shot of a can of passionfruit beer with flowers in the background

And instantly for beer!

My personal favorite category – and then I figured I’d kickoff you lot off alongside my favorite beer of the summertime. This Passion Fruit Kolsch by New Kingdom of Belgium. It’sec super crisp, low-cal, and it has the perfect amount of passionfruit. I’m variety of obsessed amongst it!

When I lived in California, I would purchase passionfruit by the boatload, because it’second then hard to detect on the due east coast as well as it’s my favorite fruit! So it’second sort of like a marrying of my two loves – beer in addition to passionfruit! If yous like summertime beers that aren’t too fruity, this one is for you lot!

And straightaway for the remainder of the summertime beers…

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Leinenkugel’sec Shandy’s: These are probably just about of the near good-known in addition to popular of summer beers, and I might sounds super basic proverb this, merely I actually beloved them.

  • Grapefruit: Just the right sum of grapefruit – non overpowering at all!

  • Summer: This one is probably my favorite but because of the nostalgia it gives me. It’sec belike i of the rattling kickoff beers I ever drank when it started to get pop years agone. It tastes similar lemonade beer to me! So then proficient.

  • Watermelon: Sooo skillful. Not as watermelon-y equally the Narragansett – it’second more than subtle. Super refreshing.

  • Orange: I don’t unremarkably dear orangish flavored things but this ane is amazing. It’sec well-nigh like drinking a Blue moon if y'all’re into that!

Narragansett Watermelon Shandy: This one was novel to me this yr, in addition to it’s so practiced and refreshing! And intensely watermelony! I almost couldn’t believe how much watermelon flavor it had. Slightly sugariness as well, just non in a bad manner! Definitely the most unique of the bunch. If yous dearest watermelon, you will become crazy for this. Plus, the packaging. I hateful how cute?!

Dragons & YumYum’sec by Dogfish Head: This i is definitely tropical, simply non overly and so. You can definitely sense of taste the passionfruit, in addition to I love it for that argue. I’1000 an IPA kind of daughter, as well as this definitely has the hoppy bitterness I dear. Not besides much, simply the correct total. Loved it!

And at once for the summer drinkable that everyone is going crazy over that I didn’t think I’d like!

Shot of 4 cans of hard seltzer with flowers in the background

Hard Seltzer

I’one thousand not ane of those people that drinks La Croix like it’second their job. I just don’t aid for it that much. I’thousand much more of a apartment, patently ‘ol room temperature water variety of mortal. But, I make savour a adept Spindrift every once in awhile. But, I figured I would attempt these too run across what all of the hype was most!

Spoiler alarm: I really like it. You tin can’t even sense of taste the alcohol too it’second not artificial tasting at all. Which is what I was afraid of!

Truly Hard Seltzer:

  • Lime – I thought this one tasted only similar Sprite. So practiced!

  • Lemon – Tasted like straight upward lemon infused water. Super refreshing!

  • Grapefruit – I hate describing it similar this, but it was super grapefruity! In a skillful fashion. Really yummy.

  • Orange – This one wasn’t my fave, but I’thousand non more often than not a fan of orangish flavored things. My mom liked it though!

I discovered that these are fifty-fifty more than delicious alongside fresh fruit inwards them to heighten the natural flavors. Like, if you add lime slices to the lime ane, it’s even amend. Same goes for all of them! They’re a super refreshing summer potable when you’re not inward a beer or wine form of mood. You could in all likelihood make a really delicious sangria amongst them!

And last, for a few wildcard picks:

Shot of 3 canned wines with flowers in the background

Canned Wine

Underwood Rosé Bubbles: It’second fruity, amongst strawberry notes, in addition to super bubbly and effervescent. Really refreshing! If yous beloved rosé and y'all dear bubbles, this i’sec for yous.

Cask & Cluster Dry Red Wine: This is a local Maryland wine, too I first tried it at an issue last summertime. I honestly was shocked at how much I loved it! I couldn’t believe it came out of a can, together with neither could my blood brother. He’second sort of a cherry-red wine snob, too afterwards I last made him try it, he kept request for more than. If yous like a total bodied, smooth, drier scarlet, yous will get crazy for this.

The Original House Wine alongside Grapefruit Zest: This is definitely the most unique of the bunch, and I wasn’t expecting a ton from it. I was and so surprised – it tasted similar a sparkling grapefruit cocktail rather than a vino! It’s super lightly carbonated, with a make clean, light grapefruit season. My mom too I both thought it tasted similar a cocktail! Sooo adept!

Close up shot of a bucket filled with bottles of rosé

This post was honestly then much fun – together with I hope it’s helpful to all of y'all!

And if you ask around cocktails to savor amongst all of these, I’ve got you covered.

If you lot effort whatsoever of these beverages this summertime, or if I inspire yous host whatsoever sort of political party or go-together during this Summer Entertaining Series, live sure to tag me, @spicesinmydna, in addition to hashtag #summerentertainingseries on Instagram or Facebook! I absolutely LOVE seeing what y'all guys create!

(Just a picayune disclaimer: this post is not sponsored at all – all of the beer, wine, as well as difficult seltzer was purchased past me! I promise this information is a helpful resources every bit y'all await for your favorite summer beverages to savour this flavor!)