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Summer Pesto Couscous Bowls

Summer Pesto Couscous Bowls are everything yous want inwards a light summertime meal. Pearled couscous, the well-nigh flavorful marinated zucchini, fresh mozzarella, cherry-red tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, together with a unproblematic basil pesto! It’s a perfect picnic meal, packable lunch, or vegetarian dinner!

Overhead close up shot of a couscous bowl with veggies and pesto

I know that everyone says this, simply I’1000 inwards understanding. Food tastes amend inwards bowls. It but does! I consume ninety% of my meals out of bowls, and it’second unremarkably something just similar this. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 base of greens, sometimes or so grains or some other carb origin, close to kind of poly peptide (in this example, mini mozzarella balls!), something crunchy (hither we’ve got cucumbers and the best marinated zucchini EVER), together with approximately sort of sauce, always. In this case, pesto! Always veggie heavy, e'er super fresh, as well as delicious, of class.

Overhead close up shot of a couscous bowl with veggies, mozzarella, and pesto

You can make these bowl-way like I did, or, you can mix everything together into a couscous salad type of situation. In existent life, I pretty much just stop upward mixing everything together inwards my bowl so I take a footling fleck of everything inward i seize with teeth!

So, if y'all’re taking this to a cookout or political party, you tin mix everything together to brand a salad to make serving in addition to transport much easier! I made these summertime pesto couscous bowls for a few friends, too everyone was obsessed.

Overhead close up shot of a bowl of marinated zucchini and red onion

First, I call for to say you lot about this marinated zucchini together with carmine onion state of affairs.

I officially desire to proceed these inward my fridge at all times because they’re SO GOOD. They’re amazing on salads, inward bowls, but straight upward equally an appetizer, as an improver to a cheeseboard, a snack directly out of the fridge, an improver to a nice, warm piece of crusty bread, or any other possible style yous could intend of enjoying them. They’re perfect. And soooo slow!

All yous call for, is a thinly sliced zucchini, thinly sliced red onion, white wine vinegar, skillful lineament olive crude, garlic, fresh herbs, red pepper flakes, table salt, in addition to pepper. You won’t believe how amazing they are, and they go even amend every bit they sit.

And they totally MAKE these bowls.

Close up shot of a food processor filled with basil pesto

Next upwards, we’ve got the pesto. Because every bowl needs more or less separate of drizzle or sauce.

This is a super classic Italian mode pesto, made alongside more often than not basil, or so apartment leaf parsley, garlic, lemon juice, toasted pino nuts, parmesan cheese, as well as extra virgin olive rock oil. Super uncomplicated – the kind of pesto you lot’d desire to lay on pasta or pizza! So, you lot volition belike want to double it if y'all want extra! Especially if your basil found is going crazy this summertime. This pesto freezes actually well besides!

Overhead shot of bowls of couscous, marinated zucchini, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and mini mozzarella balls

For all of the toppings, you can get crazy, only these are my faves.

  • the marinated zucchini and red onions, of course

  • super sweet blood-red tomatoes

  • thinly sliced cucumber

  • mini mozzarella balls

  • avocado

You could totally acme this with even more veggies, from bell peppers, to radishes, to leftover roasted veggies from the night before, fresh or grilled corn, or anything you accept on mitt! As for cheeses, feta or parm would live delish also!

Basically, you lot can’t mess these upward. They’re super customizable too forgiving – what I e'er expect for inward a bowl meal!

Overhead shot of a couscous bowl with veggies, mozzarella, and pesto

I rarely make pearled couscous, only when I make, I’thousand like..”Why don’t I make this more than ofttimes?!” The texture is amazing in addition to it’sec so fun to swallow. And I merely dearest carbs. If y'all tin can’t notice it, orzo would live a peachy sub!

If you want a lower carb option for these bowls, I’d recommend serving this on a bed of greens instead! Arugula would be actually delicious, or just about massaged kale! Or, for some other option, quinoa or brown rice would live actually yummy besides.

Use what yous take inwards your refrigerator or pantry! That’sec ever my motto for bowl meals.

Overhead super close up shot of a couscous bowl

And, role whatsoever’sec easiest. That’sec my motto for summertime.

Seriously though, yous need to brand the marinated zucchini too carmine onions, whatsoever y'all do!

Overhead close up shot of a couscous bowl with veggies and pesto Overhead close up shot of a couscous bowl with veggies and pesto and a fork in the bowl

And I’ll exit yous amongst the best bite.

Overhead close up shot of a couscous bowl with veggies and pesto


Summer Pesto Couscous Bowls

Summer Pesto Couscous Bowls are everything yous desire inwards a calorie-free summertime meal. Pearled couscous, the about flavorful marinated zucchini, fresh mozzarella, cerise tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, as well as a simple basil pesto! It'sec a perfect picnic repast, packable luncheon, or vegetarian dinner!


Main, Main Course, Salad, Side Dish


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Prep Time 30 minutes

Cook Time x minutes

Servings four

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