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Tagliatelle Carbonara with Crispy Mushrooms

Tagliatelle Carbonara amongst Crispy Mushrooms is the coziest pasta dish for chillier months! It’second unbelievably flavorful, as well as uses such unproblematic ingredients. The creamy ribbons of tagliatelle pasta become topped amongst crispy rosemary wild mushrooms – such an amazing combination of flavors and textures! It’second the perfect pasta to brand when entertaining guests or when y'all’re inwards involve of a comforting repast.

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Overhead shot of pasta with mushrooms and herbs with glasses of white wine above the plate

There’second zip more than nostalgic or comforting to me than a cozy bowl of pasta. Whether it’s making a uncomplicated weeknight bowl of roasted veggie pasta, enjoying this incredible tagliatelle carbonara, or the tradition of making my belatedly grandma’s spaghetti together with meatballs on Christmas Eve, null volition e'er superlative pasta inwards my volume.

Close up shot of dried nests of tagliatelle pasta

I’ve felt this mode for equally long as I tin can recollect – my family unit really appreciates nutrient, and I grew upwards with the potent belief that in that location’sec such a potent power in nutrient as well as the connectedness it brings us.

Whether it’second sharing a repast, cooking together, or having an impromptu go-together over a cheeseboard together with a drinking glass of vino, there’sec nada quite like creating something especial in addition to connecting amongst people you lot dear, around amazing food as well as beverage – particularly during the holidays!

Which brings me to chat most the incredible initiatory that my friends at Sur La Table are talking virtually this holiday season – Make More, Gather Often. This crusade resonates and so deeply alongside the values I concur dearest, and I’thousand so incredibly excited together with grateful to live collaborating amongst Sur La Table on this amazing first. Their society and Make More, Gather Often was founded on the thought to “Make good food. Invite people. Do it daily.” Which is exactly what I represent, and why I intend this is such a special campaign. I’one thousand such a house believer that having fun inwards the kitchen, sharing a repast with people, whether it’second casual or more than planned out, big or minor, should be celebrated.

45 degree angle shot of a copper bowl filled with eggs and grated parmesan

I’ve been shopping at Sur La Table for years – I rootage the majority of my props in addition to kitchen tools there – from my linens I role for photography, barware, spectacles I function for cocktails, my form iron cookware, unique flatware, together with even a mini indoor grill that I love! And and then much more than. The quality that Sur La Table offers is difficult to trounce, and I e'er have such a pleasant feel inward whatever shop I stride into.

When my friends at Sur La Table asked me to make a recipe featuring this STUNNING thousand’passion Copper Mixing Bowl from Mauviel, I was beyond excited. I entirely own a pair pieces of copper cookware, simply this is far beyond anything I’ve e'er used inwards damage of quality, craftsmanship, too simply beauty in full general. It’s the kind of matter yous simply want to go on out inward your kitchen because it’s only and so gorgeous!

Mauviel is 1 of the earth’s premier copper cookware manufacturers, as well as the unlined copper interior of this bowl is nifty for mixing a bunch of different ingredients, specially egg whites! My adjacent project is to make swiss meringue buttercream with it (my fave!) too frost my rattling favorite chocolate cake alongside it for the holidays. And perhaps add some crushed peppermint and night chocolate shavings to arrive festive!

Overhead shot of pasta with mushrooms and herbs with a fork and spoon resting on the plate

This time still, I knew I had to make a pasta dish, particularly because it’s one of my favorite meals to entertain with during the holidays!

Pasta itself holds then many traditions as well as memories inwards my family besides – my favorite beingness the tradition of my blood brother together with I making my tardily grandmother’s spaghetti and meatballs for Christmas Eve dinner. It’second a 3-twenty-four hours-long procedure, and it’s one of my favorite days of the entire year. If not my favorite! Even though I was never lucky plenty to see my grandma before she passed, her recipes together with this tradition lives on inwards me together with my family unit. And, I’m named subsequently her!

Even though I’k non sharing her spaghetti in addition to meatball recipe today, I’1000 sharing this incredibly comforting tagliatelle carbonara with crispy mushrooms in addition to it’s unbelievably delicious. It’sec creamy, rich, in addition to texture-filled from the crispy mushrooms together with chopped bacon. To add an chemical element of freshness to this otherwise rich dish, I dear to superlative it amongst chopped parsley as well as fresh basil leaves. And a heavy handed sprinkle of grated parmesan, because what pasta is complete without it?!

Overhead close up shot of a skillet filled with crispy wild mushrooms

Overhead close up shot of a skillet filled with creamy carbonara pasta

I honey using a wild mushroom mix for this recipe, because they’re and then flavorful together with pretty, simply you lot can role whatsoever y'all dear! The mushrooms get crisped upwardly inwards a mixture of the rendered bacon fatty (yep delight), in addition to olive oil, as well as and so they go tossed with chopped fresh rosemary, table salt, in addition to freshly cracked dark pepper to complete. They’re the perfect flavor-packed texture factor to the creamy ribbons of pasta!

I brand my carbonara sauce the classic style, alongside a mixture of eggs, egg yolks, parmesan, salt, as well as black pepper. I besides add together a fiddling starchy pasta H2O to aid it come together, too I make sure to go on a bunch of the bacon fat inward in that location besides, to add together to the creamy richness and texture of the sauce! It’s the BEST.

45 degree angle shot of a copper bowl filled with eggs and grated parmesan

Overhead close up shot of pasta with mushrooms and herbs

If you lot’ve never made carbonara earlier, the fox is to operate apace.

You desire to toss your hot pasta pretty much instantly amongst the egg-parmesan mixture, so that the rut of the pasta cooks your eggs too creates a luxuriously creamy sauce! The fox is to make certain your pasta isn’t also hot, or also cold! Sounds complicated, just it’s non. I discover that the perfect timing, is to drain your pasta pretty thoroughly, for a skillful xv-xx seconds, and then pour it into your skillet. Then, you want to like a shot pour your egg mixture on summit alongside a splash of pasta H2O, and starting time tossing!

The more than y'all toss, the more than the sauce will come together, together with yous can go along adding splashes of pasta H2O every bit needed! And handfuls of parm!

Sometimes, I similar to continue the pan on super low oestrus, which sometimes helps the sauce comes together more chop-chop likewise. It actually simply depends on the temperature of your pasta, and your eggs! Your eyes will be the best judge spell making this pasta – the solely thing you lot don’t want to cease upward alongside, is scrambled eggs (which way your pasta or pan was as well hot!)

45 degree angle shot of pasta with mushrooms and herbs with a fork and spoon resting on the plate

Making more than memories amongst pasta is just how I desire to be spending December.

Whether it’second hosting friends for an impromptu holiday dinner, family unit for Christmas Eve, or neighbors for a casual potluck. It’second all well-nigh enjoying fourth dimension in the kitchen, making food y'all honey, together with sharing a repast with whoever it may live.

 My friends at Sur La Table definitely enjoin it best – “From the beautiful in addition to the messy, the unproblematic too the extravagant—what comes from the kitchen is a daily deed of generosity.

I want to know – what are your virtually favorite food memories? (The best form of memories, right?!)

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Nothing fills me upwardly more than seeing what you guys make inward the kitchen.

Overhead shot of pasta with mushrooms and herbs with a glass of white wine above the plate

You can bank check out the recipe too more on Sur La Table’s site here also!


Tagliatelle Carbonara with Crispy Mushrooms

Tagliatelle Carbonara alongside Crispy Mushrooms is the coziest pasta dish for chillier months! It's unbelievably flavorful, and uses such elementary ingredients. The creamy ribbons of tagliatelle pasta go topped with crispy rosemary wild mushrooms - such an amazing combination of flavors as well as textures! It's the perfect pasta to make when entertaining guests or when yous're inward take of a comforting meal.


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Prep Time twenty minutes

Cook Time thirty minutes

Servings four

Author Molly