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Winter Salad with Rosemary Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Bacon, and Pear

This Winter Salad amongst Rosemary Sweet Potatoes, Bacon, together with Pear is the ultimate meal-worthy salad for the chillier months! It’sec equally comforting every bit a salad tin can be, filled with sugariness potatoes roasted inward bacon fat in addition to rosemary, hearty kale, arugula, pears, bacon, and a white balsamic maple mustard vinaigrette!

Overhead shot of a winter salad on a large platter

Over here it’s been all virtually pasta and cocktails late (together with a whole lot of Christmas cookies), just I’1000 bringing you lot this cozy holiday salad today! If I’k fifty-fifty allowed to telephone call salad cozy? If there is such a affair, this is totally it. We’ve got sweet potatoes roasted in bacon fatty in addition to rosemary (which I teased on Instagram concluding week!), crispy bacon, a base of operations of peppery arugula together with hearty kale, pears, in addition to the nigh delish maple mustard vinaigrette!

Overhead close up shot of kale salad with sweet potato, pear, and bacon

With all of the deliciously rich holiday nutrient, I ever relish having roughly sort of salad amongst. While this i is hearty plenty to stand on it’s own, it also makes a corking accompaniment to any wintery repast. The flavors are super crowd pleasing too it can live made ahead of time since it’sec and then hearty!

All of the components are and so rich too flavorful, at that place’sec non even a need for cheese. Yep, I said it. This salad doesn’t fifty-fifty require it! That being said, you tin 1000% add it if y'all want to!

In order to brand this even more than of a meal, it would be keen alongside more or less roasted or pan seared chicken! A garlic rosemary marinade or fifty-fifty a balsamic marinade would operate wonderfully amongst all of the flavors of this winter salad.

Overhead shot of diced sweet potatoes before roasting

Overhead close up shot of diced roasted sweet potatoes

Let’second mouth almost these sweet potatoes though. Instead of roasting them in olive rock oil, I roast them in the rendered bacon fatty! It’sec incredibly fantastic as well as I take no idea why I didn’t mean of it sooner. They soak upward only a footling scrap of that rich, salty, smoky flavour, in addition to it pairs pretty perfectly with their natural sweet.

I dear throwing fresh rosemary on the pan to roast amongst the potatoes inwards improver to the chopped rosemary, because the aromas simply infuse even more! And we’re all about flavour hither.

And I about forgot! They besides become a piffling sprinkle of cinnamon as well as nutmeg to add to the holiday-ness of this salad. I take a hard time roasting sugariness potatoes without them!

Overhead shot of sliced pears and maple mustard vinaigrette on a cutting board

I enjoy using pears inwards this wintertime salad because I think they run actually good with all of the flavors, only apples would live nifty too! Sometimes it’s difficult to find actually skillful, ripe pears, then my side by side choice is to purpose honeycrisp apples here!

And this maple mustard vinaigrette! It’sec insanely adept, perfectly sweetness, savory, mustard-y, as well as adept on but well-nigh whatsoever wintertime salad. I’ve been making it all month as well as I tin’t go plenty of it!

This is what yous take:

  • white balsamic vinegar (I similar using white every bit opposed to night/aged balsamic because it’second a footling lighter too less sweetness – which this salad needs. Dark balsamic is well-nigh also rich hither with all of the other components!)

  • stone earth mustard (Dijon works cracking hither too, I oft switch it up depending on my mood or what I have on manus!)

  • maple syrup (Use the pure, really good stuff here. It makes all the departure.)

  • shallots (I add them to nigh every vinaigrette I make. Love that lilliputian oniony seize with teeth!)

  • garlic (Self-explanatory, right?!)

  • really expert character extra virgin olive oil (You want to purpose the best quality stuff you lot tin, specially inwards dressings.)

  • salt + pepper

The dressing keeps actually good inwards the fridge for upward to one calendar week, together with this recipe makes more than y'all necessitate for this salad. So that just agency more homemade dressing for salads during the week!

Overhead shot of a winter salad on a large platter

If yous’re making this ahead of time to serve or take to vacation party, this is how I’d make it:

  • brand the dressing upwardly to a few days ahead of time

  • clean, de-stem, too chop your kale the twenty-four hour period before and keep it inward a sealed purse amongst paper towels to absorb whatsoever moisture

  • the mean solar day of, ready your bacon and roast your sweetness potatoes

  • right before serving, slice your pear, massage your kale, in addition to get together!

This salad can too sit down for an hr or so assembled, since it’sec and so hearty. You actually can’t mess it up, too the flavors just go ameliorate as well as amend!

Overhead close up shot of salad with gold serving spoons resting on the plate

Don’t forget to percentage a photograph on Instagram as well as tag me @spicesinmydna if you brand this recipe! Nothing makes me happier than seeing what y'all make inwards the kitchen. I peculiarly love beingness a function of your vacation celebrations!

Overhead shot of a winter salad on a large platter

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Winter Salad with Rosemary Sweet Potatoes, Bacon, in addition to Pear

This Winter Salad with Rosemary Sweet Potatoes, Bacon, in addition to Pear is the ultimate repast-worthy salad for the chillier months! It's equally comforting equally a salad can be, filled amongst sweet potatoes roasted inwards bacon fat too rosemary, hearty kale, arugula, pears, bacon, in addition to a white balsamic maple mustard vinaigrette!


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Prep Time twenty minutes

Cook Time 19 minutes

Servings three -four

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