Sunday, June 14, 2020

4 Ingredient Dark Chocolate Covered Banana Nut Butter Bites

I am seriously loving this quick process right directly. It cures that sugariness craving without sabotaging your healthy eating efforts. If y'all’re anything similar me, you lot’re a huge sucker for peanut butter together with nighttime chocolate. These combine my favorite flavors into ane cute lilliputian seize with teeth, and they are SO simple and customizable! You tin can use whatever nut butter you lot like, as well as any type of chocolate. Top them amongst cinnamon, hemp seeds, chia seeds, bounding main table salt, granola, sprinkles; actually anything y'all’re in the mood for!

I used an assortment of nut butters. It’s like a little surprise when y'all seize with teeth into them, wondering which one you lot’ll go! I used regular almond butter, vanilla almond butter, as well as peanut butter. Cashew butter would live awesome hither also.
I typically role anywhere from lxx-85% dark chocolate, only experience gratis to role milk, white, or semi-sugariness. I but dearest the taste of night chocolate and the wellness benefits likewise!
I dear how the frozen banana takes on an water ice cream-similar texture. So and so proficient! And completely guilt free.


4 Ingredient Dark Chocolate Covered Banana Nut Butter Bites



Prep Time v minutes

Cook Time fifty minutes

Total Time 55 minutes

Servings 20 bites

Author Molly (Spices in My deoxyribonucleic acid)


  • ii
    medium bananas, sliced into i/iv'' thick slices

  • nut butter of your option (I used almond butter, vanilla almond butter, as well as peanut butter)

  • v
    night chocolate (I used 72% dark chocolate)

  • 1 i/ii
    kokosnoot oil

  • chia seeds, hemp seeds, body of water table salt flakes, cinnamon, any other toppings you desire for sprinkling!


  1. Spoon a teaspoon just about of nut butter on one-half of your banana slices. Top alongside the other halves of banana to make a "banana sandwich" in addition to press downward slightly to adhere. Freeze for twenty minutes.

  2. When banana bites are virtually done freezing, chop the night chocolate and add together to a medium microwave condom bowl. Add the coconut petroleum. Microwave for 30 instant increments, stirring inward between each. Mine took most ane ane/two minutes. Be careful non to overheat, or else your chocolate will seize upwards.

  3. Remove banana bites from freezer together with use ii forks to (rattling delicately) dip the banana bites in the night chocolate, letting the excess chocolate drain through the fork. Place on a parchment lined plate or baking canvas in addition to at once sprinkle alongside desired toppings. Repeat until all bites are coated.

  4. Freeze for at least some other 30 minutes as well as enjoy! These volition proceed for a distich weeks in the freezer.

That seize with teeth??