Monday, June 8, 2020

Apple Cider Chai Mimosas (+ a video!)

Apple Cider Chai Mimosas

The funny matter is, I’k not a huge fan of regular mimosas alongside orange juice. I’ve never loved orange juice as well as I know I’one thousand in the vast minority on that one. Even as a kid, I never drank orangish juice. I was an apple tree juice girl through as well as through. The material practically ran through my veins.

Apple Cider Chai Mimosas

I have the same dear for apple cider. I tin can’t fifty-fifty limited how much I beloved it! And I dearest cooking amongst it as well. I tin’t become plenty of it this fourth dimension of twelvemonth. Especially inwards the grade of doughnuts.

Apple Cider Chai Mimosas

The moment best role of these mimosas is the chai spice carbohydrate rim! I mixed sugar with all the chai spices. Cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, cloves, as well as ginger. SO delish. I dear the mixture of the spiced apple tree cider alongside chai spices! It’s perfectly fall.

I also had an iced dingy chai the other solar day as well as I forgot how amazing they are! This i had ii espresso shots, a super spiced strong chai season which I loved, and it was made amongst kokosnoot milk. SO freaking good. And it was iced! I similar my coffee iced no affair the temperature. I know I’1000 weird.

Apple Cider Chai Mimosas

If yous’re feeling extra “fall” (spoiler alert: I always am), yous can add cinnamon sticks to the drinking glass for serving! Super festive and yous go even more spice!

These are and so slowly to make too would live perfect for a weekend brunch with friends. Especially if y'all served them alongside those doughnuts or my favorite apple fritter draw-apart bread! So dreamy.

Apple Cider Chai Mimosas

Can you lot tell I’1000 a footling obsessed amongst all things apple?


Apple Cider Mimosas alongside a Chai Spice Sugar Rim

These fall inspired mimosas are made alongside apple tree cider instead of orange juice, together with they take a chai spice saccharide rim for extra spice as well as season!



Prep Time v minutes

Total Time five minutes

Servings one mimosa, is easily multiplied


For the chai sugar rim

  • two

  • one/two

  • one/iv

  • i/four
    ground allspice

  • i/4
    ground cloves

  • ane/4
    ground ginger

For the mimosas

  • ii-iii
    apple cider (per beverage)

  • champagne or prosecco, chilled

  • cinnamon sticks for garnish (optional)


  1. To make the chai sugar rim, combine the carbohydrate, cardamom, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, too ginger on a plate as well as stir or purpose your fingers to combine.

  2. Moisten the rims of your champagne flute amongst apple cider in addition to rim inward the chai saccharide. Pour two-three ounces of apple tree cider into the drinking glass together with elevation alongside champagne. Garnish alongside a cinnamon stick too serve.