Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Apple Cider Pulled Chicken Sandwiches


This power sound weird to more or less of y'all…just these were SO GOOD. Super slow also! The pulled chicken is made inward the crockpot, and then there is next to no cooking involved. This is a perfect meal for a weeknight or when you are inwards a time compaction. It’second so total of flavour from the spice rub for the chicken, as well as the apple tree cider adds this amazing flavor together with sweetness. I melted approximately creamy havarti over the chicken under the broiler together with topped the sandwich amongst thinly sliced apples. H5N1 perfect, slow autumn repast.

This is awesome for leftovers as well. You tin can add the pulled chicken to enchiladas, pastas, yous cite it.

Serves three-four depending on how big you lot make the sandwiches.

ane i/two lbs. boneless skinless chicken breasts

one/two big yellowish onion, thinly sliced

2 T. dark-brown carbohydrate

ane/four tsp. allspice

1/four tsp. garlic pulverisation

i tsp. paprika

1/ii tsp. common salt

one/2 tsp. pepper

ane/2 c. + 3 T. BBQ sauce (homemade or shop bought)

ii one/ii c. + i/4 c. apple tree cider

one/ii c. cooking liquid from crockpot

two T. apple cider vinegar

sliced havarti cheese (any cheese y'all similar volition function here)

thinly sliced apples

your favorite buns

Begin past combining the brownish sugar, allspice, garlic pulverisation, paprika, common salt, in addition to pepper in a pocket-sized bowl. Stir to combine. Preheat a big skillet to medium/high heat, in addition to add a drizzle of olive crude (two T about). Rub spice mixture onto the chicken until evenly coated. Cook chicken in skillet for 2-iii minutes per side. The chicken volition yet live raw inward the middle, you but desire to become a prissy sear on the exterior. Remove from heat.

Add onions to the bottom of a crockpot. Whisk together 2 one/ii cups of the apple cider and i/2 c. of the BBQ sauce. Set aside. Next, add together chicken to crockpot, in addition to pour cider BBQ mixture over it. Cover, as well as prepare on high for iv hours. Don’t peek during cooking! After the chicken is finished, withdraw from crockpot, together with let cool for several minutes before shredding amongst a fork, or your hands. I notice that hands work best!

While chicken is cooling, combine one/2 c. of the cooking liquid from the crockpot, the remaining three T. BBQ sauce, and remaining 1/four c. of apple tree cider inward a bowl in addition to whisk together. Set aside. Pull chicken with your hands, in addition to add to a bowl. Pour sauce over the chicken as well as stir together.

Preheat broiler to high. Place mounds of pulled chicken onto a baking canvas, depending on the issue of sandwiches you are making. Top amongst slices of havarti in addition to home under broiler for i-2 minutes until bubbly too gilded. Place chicken mounds on buns (I toasted mine too used whole wheat buns) in addition to top alongside sliced apples.


YUM. I hope apples as well as chicken too cheese isn’t weird. Try it.