Wednesday, June 17, 2020

BBQ Burgers with Fried Pickle Chips, Pepper Jack Cheese, and Honey Mustard on Pretzel Rolls



These burgers. The BEST combination of flavors. The pretzel buns amongst the sugariness/tangy dearest mustard, the crispy cornmeal encrusted fried pickle chips, as well as the smoky BBQ sauce was amazing. And the pepperjack of form. Can it really go any amend?

I made these a duo Fridays ago when I was in an indulgent mood. The perfect first to my weekend. The pretzel buns I used are from my local Breadery. Incredible.

Makes four burgers

For the dear mustard:

one/4 c. patently Greek yogurt (I used 0% just ii% would pass you lot a creamier beloved mustard)

ii T. rock ground dijon mustard

two T. dear

For the pickle chips:

20 slices kosher dill chips, drained on paper towels

two T. flour

one T. cornmeal

ii T. plainly breadcrumbs

1/four tsp. onion pulverization

pinch of cayenne

one egg + i T. water

one/ii loving cup petroleum of your option (I used safflower rock oil just you lot could function canola or vegetable too)

For the burgers:

ane i/four lbs. earth beef

salt too pepper

i/ii c. BBQ sauce of your pick

slices of pepperjack cheese

bibb lettuce leaves

four pretzel buns

Begin past making the dear mustard. Combine Greek yogurt, dijon mustard, together with love inwards a minor bowl, as well as stir to combine. Season amongst common salt and pepper to gustation, in addition to gear up aside.

Next, brand the pickle chips. Heat fossil oil in a deep saucepan over medium/high heat. Make certain kosher dill chips are completely dry past patting them amongst paper towels. Set up two bowls, i amongst the egg wash (i egg + i T. water), in addition to ane alongside the cornmeal, breadcrumbs, onion powder, in addition to cayenne. Dip pickle slices inward egg wash, and so into cornmeal breadcrumb mixture inwards batches, shaking off excess. Fry the pickle chips in batches, for about xxx seconds to a infinitesimal, or until they are golden brownish. Season them with common salt in addition to pepper every bit soon as they come up out of the crude oil. Be careful, they do not accept long at all. Remove from hot crude oil as well as drain on newspaper towels. Set aside.

Preheat grill or grill pan over medium/high estrus for the burgers. Form ground beef into iv patties, and flavor liberally with table salt in addition to pepper. Cook patties for 3-iv minutes per side, until desired doneness is reached. During terminal couplet minutes of cooking, baste both sides of burgers with barbeque sauce, in addition to pose slices of pepperjack cheese on elevation. Close the lid on the grill or put a slice of foil over your grill pan to allow cheese melt.

To get together burgers, spread about beloved mustard on both sides of pretzel buns, and so add bibb lettuce, and then the burgers, then drizzle more than BBQ sauce on peak if you’d similar. Top with fried pickle chips too the other bun one-half in addition to dig inwards.