Wednesday, June 17, 2020

BBQ Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese with Beer Caramelized Onions and Sharp Cheddar

IMG_1259IMG_1262IMG_1264These were AMAZING. As y'all tin can order from my concluding post, I’ve been inward a BBQ mood from it being summer and everything. I can’t go enough. The sharp melty cheese alongside the BBQ pulled pork as well as sugariness caramelized onions (alongside a hint of beer season) on the crustiest toasted breadstuff was the best combo. I have no words. You just accept to make these as well as come across for yourself. Definitely a squeamish change from your regular pulled pork on a bun. Insanely proficient.

Makes 4-half dozen large sandwiches addition leftover pork (mayhap)

For the pork:

three one/four-three ane/ii lb. os-inwards pork shoulder

one big xanthous onion, thinly sliced

one c. beer of your choice

two T. olive crude oil

ii T. dark-brown carbohydrate

1 T. paprika

i tsp. dry mustard

1 tsp. onion powder

one tsp/ garlic pulverisation

1 tsp. bounding main common salt

i tsp. ground black pepper

1-ane i/ii c. of your favorite barbeque sauce

slices of abrupt cheddar cheese

slices of your favorite hearty bread (I used TJ’s Tuscan Pane)

butter (to spread on breadstuff)

For the beer onions:

i medium xanthous onion, thinly sliced

two T. olive crude

one T. granulated sugar

one/2 c. beer (the residuum of the 12 oz. bottle)

i tsp. stone earth dijon mustard

i tsp. dearest

Begin past rinsing the pork shoulder together with patting it dry out with paper towels. Rub alongside olive crude too then liberally employ dry rub. Place the sliced onions for the pork inwards the bottom of a crock pot, together with add pork shoulder to pot. Pour beer into crock pot in addition to encompass. Cook on low for x-12 hours. When pork is finished, remove from pot in addition to permit cool a fiddling fleck. Pull the pork using ii forks and/or your should fall right apart. Add barbeque sauce too stir to combine.

To brand the caramelized onions, estrus olive oil inwards a big skillet over medium/high heat. Add thinly sliced onions and sauté for xv minutes about until they get down to caramelize, soften, as well as go aureate dark-brown. Reduce heat to medium/low later x minutes. Next, put estrus dorsum up to high, in addition to add together beer. Sauté for an additional 3-v minutes to permit alcohol prepare out too the onions soften together with get deeper brownish inwards colour. They should go well-nigh similar an onion jam. Add dijon mustard too dearest too stir to combine. Remove from estrus.

To get together sandwiches, butter outsides of breadstuff slices, as well as spread caramelized onions on both sides of insides of breadstuff. Layer sliced cheese on each piece of breadstuff, and peak alongside desired total of pulled pork. Top alongside other breadstuff half too place inwards a skillet preheated to medium/high. (I added a picayune butter to the pan as well). Toast on each side for iii-iv minutes, until cheese is bubbly as well as bread is gilt brown. Remove from pan, permit sit down for a minute and cutting inwards one-half.